Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BB14: Final 4 - The Quack Pack:Ruffled Feathers

According to Miss Cleo who went to yesterday's taping of the eviction, Jenn went out on a 2-0 vote, and Danielle won HoH in a tie breaker where Dan went over the number. This leaves a Final 4 Quack Pack. That in of itself is an accomplishment, having 4 members of an alliance make it to the final; but who will be the other 2 to stay after tomorrow's show?

In the final 4, the nominees do not even matter. It's who wins the most powerful PoV of the season. This person not only gains safety, but is the deciding and sole vote to evict. If Danielle, Shane or Dan win, I am pretty sure the person leaving will be Ian as he has the highest odds of winning the 3 part final HoH. He has the greatest chances of winning in the Endurance and the final Quiz competitions. The only way for Ian to make it to Final 3 is to win PoV. Should he win, then it is more than likely that Shane will be evicted, unless Ian pulls another power move and evicts Dan. Should this scenario occur, the chances of Ian winning BB14 are almost guaranteed.

If Dan, Shane and Danielle are the Final 3, Danielle's chances of winning the 3 part HoH increase exponentially. The question is, should she win who would she take with her to sit in the Final 2 chairs? Can she win against either Shane or Dan? Shane has won 6 competitions thus far and if he wins the final PoV, he will have racked up 7, dwarfing Danielle's chances of winning based on competitions. Dan has won two competitions thus far, making it 3 should he win the final PoV; however, he is responsible for making one of the boldest moves in BB history by saving himself from the surety of eviction; he's been the mastermind behind several evictions; and he can say that he's been a coach throughout the game, protecting his protegee.

That might not be enough to gain him jury votes, however. As crazy as it seems, Danielle has the best chances of winning BB14 against Dan. Should the jury decide that Dan being a winner already, or that his ruthless tactics this season are not to their liking, they might very well vote based on that. Coupled with the fact that Danielle will have won 4 HoHs and possibly 2 PoVs, if she wins the last one, she's been instrumental and a co-conspirator in many an HG's downfall. Looked at it objectively, without personal bias, Danielle's resume is nothing to be sneezed at. Joe, Frank, Ashley, Shane, Jenn and maybe even Britney might very well vote for Danielle should this happen. Then again, the power of The Mist is great.

Should Dan or Shane win the final HoH, they are both more than likely to take Danielle to the end. In Shane's case, he will more than likely win over Danielle by a landslide. His impressive competition wins and his likability to the jury will seal the deal. Similarly, should Dan win the final HoH, his changes to mist the jury increase, showing his loyalty to Danielle by bringing her to the Final 2 chairs, affording him a greater chance at being the first two-time winner of Big Brother.

But this is all speculation. On another note, I am so tired of the games AGP plays. Why turn off the feeds? What do they hope to accomplish? It's not the first time we know who won HoH before their precious TV onlies. We still watch the show. These are stupid games and not fun at all. Anyway, enjoy the freedom from the feeds today, and see you for the show tonight! :)