Monday, September 3, 2012

BB14: Godzilla versus Pokemon

If you're having trouble visualizing who is the safest in the house and who has the most chances of making it to the end, I've created a diagram:

As you can see, Dan and Danielle are at the epicenter of most alliances/agreements at the present time. The circles represent F2 deals, the triangles F3 deals and the square, the only F4 deal that's still valid. You will notice that Frank and Joe are hovering shapes because one is set to go Thursday and the other is expendable ASAP.

The plan is still for Dan to use the Veto on Jenn with Joe being the replacement nominee and Frank the target for eviction. However, things can change on a dime in the house, so I wouldn't be saying goodbye yet. If this plan should go through, with a double eviction in the works, the ones who are at most jeopardy are the ones farthest from the epicenter of alliances and deals.

I've beaten this BB horse to death, but this format that AGP keeps insisting on - bringing vets and inane newbies as their fodder - has ruined this game for me. The unpredictability factor has been eliminated. The ability to want to root for the newbies has been trashed. The development of a viewer-to-player relationship has been handicapped. This whole show has been shot to schit.

That being said, may the best man or woman win; and I hope, by some miracle, that it's a newbie this year. I have nothing against Dan, or any of the returning players; it's just become a matter of watching Godzilla demolish Pokemon; and where's the fun in that? As much as I like Godzilla, I'm rooting for the little Pokemon ;)

And since will be The talk of the day in and out of the house, enjoy! Will this blunder be a reason to get him evicted over Frank?

10:49 AM: Trivia... Right on time!
11:35 AM: Feeds are back.  Shane is telling Frank that Danielle is still mad at Dan. (Good job Danielle) The confirmation. Joe is the replacement. Frank and Shane talk about how untrustworthy Joe is. Let the campaigning begin!
11:55 AM: Joe keeps working his mouth making it sound like Dan tricked him to blunder. Danielle tells him he has her and Shane's votes. Joe... keep talking. You might find yourself in jury. Danielle is keeping up the charade of being angry at Dan. Joe is will running his mouth giving her information or misinformation.
12:56 PM: Danielle tells Shane she isn't a kindergarten teacher but a charge nurse. Later in that conversation he tells her she "beautiful inside and out."

1:28 PM: Happy Labor Day!!!

And I'm out! :)