Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BB16:Douchebag Cowboytches

First of all, I love how when I'm discussing the social issues that arise from this "social experiment", I am told "it's just a game." No. "Jeopardy" is just a game. "The Price is Right" is just a game. "Let's Make a Deal" is just a game. "Big Brother" is not just a game.

It's not just a game when people are targeted and demolished on a deeply personal level. It's not just a game when a male is threatening to physically harm a woman, under the guise of "pranking", egged on by the other males, including a COP. It's not just a game when CBS refuses to address the issues that arise and let people's "game" and safety be compromised.

King Douchebag to you.
In a nutshell, after Caleb's childish hissy fit because Amber wasn't talking to him (the best 4 days in the house according to her), he urged his "alliance" to put her on the block, to "teach her a lesson" so she can "know her place". This played into Frankie's plan which was to put her up anyway. Why Amber? Because Caleb has been throwing her under the bus every time she wouldn't act or react the way he wants her to - like his indebted submissive. Because Frankie wants to be the Queen Bee in the house, not Amber. Because Amber, who has been placed on the block by her alliance repeatedly, has the audacity to say she does not trust them. Because Amber has the nerve to want the girls to stick together, since the boytches are gunning for them (Fact). Because the other idiot-girls ratted her out to the boys who laughed in their faces at the absurdity of the idea of girls aligning.

To continue, Frankie set her up, by telling her that Caleb ruined her game (FACT), and Amber finally fought back, saying she would target Caleb so he can feel what it's like. Of course, she doesn't know that there is no-one in the house she can trust. Christine and Cody quickly ratted her out. Frankie, after digging in his butthole, literally, thought it a perfect plan to give Caleb this information. Zach, his boytch, finally did so, which set Caleb off on a TEAR throughout the house. Now he wants to hit Amber in the face with a banana, throw a pot of water and baby powder on her while she sleeps and tear into her during Live Eviction.

What part of any of this is game?

It's not. Once again, it's people showing their deeply disgusting side in the BB house. Evict the woman. Why destroy her? Her only crime has been to try to play this "game". She has had nothing but kind words for everyone. She dealt with Cayleb's psychotic advances with grace. She's shown nothing but caring for her duplicitous housemates. This deeply-rooted misogyny that has permeated the house, like racism did last year, cannot be swept under the "it's just a game" bullshit. And they're ALL guilty of it. Men and women. Those in the house and evicted. Jacosta urged Caleb to keep trying with Amber even though she knows Amber does not reciprocate his "feelings". Donny has stated that Amber must be encouraging Caleb at night (whatever the hell that means). Hayden has said he wanted to murder her. Zach, Christine and Frankie have said they hated her, with passion. Cody and Derrick laugh at the situation. Victoria, Christine and Nicole have nonstop bashed her. They've all blamed her for Caleb's psychosis, even after they left the show, like Devin and Brittany. What the actual fuck?

So let's talk about game shall we? Because of this dirty plan to evict Amber, most of the Detonators/BS stragglers, aka the boytches and their resident crone, Christine, are falling apart at the seams. They have stated that they don't trust Zach, Frankie, Christine, Hayden and the targets keep moving. Derrick who has tried to contain this clusterfuck, for his own game, has given into the madness too, by egging Caleb on in his lethal vendetta against Amber, who's been his target one way or another throughout this game. Meanwhile, the "outsiders" are sitting quietly as the Douchebag Alliance will pick each other off.

Amber has been accused of not playing a good game. How can she when every single person in the house has been turned against her? How can she gain alliances or numbers to make any moves? Her one HoH was dominated and bullied by Devin and Caleb. She had no chance to make the right choices and if she had, she would still be in the same position.

The females in this game have been equally disappointing, not only allowing the boytches to dictate their game, but enabling them to, by constantly ratting out the women who tried to have their backs - Joey, Brittany and now Amber.

I don't know how this tragic season will end, but I expect not to like the outcome, the way I didn't in season 15.

Stay tuned.