Wednesday, July 9, 2014

BB16:Flippers and Bunny Slippers

Welcome to today's episode of What the EFF is Going On?

It's 7:46 am. Zach, Cody, Jacosta and Pao are still up.  Earlier Jacosta straight up told Pao that it's not looking good for her to stay, that whatever the sketchy plan of the week was saved Zach. Pao doesn't seem to be digesting this nugget of info. Meanwhile Zach and Cody are rehashing recent events, where they stand in a house of mashed alliances and Caleb's ridiculous obsession with Amber who is not into him.

"At the end of the day", Derrick misted Caleb into voting for Zach to stay.  "Daddy" Caleb who wore Amber's bunny slippers all day (yeah WTF?), sent Frankie up to Devoid of Clues in HoH to tell him that Zach is staying. Of course Devin, being Captain Obvious, declared that he's on his own and will come gunning for everyone, leaving Frankie last. I repeat, his strategy must be to get everyone to self-evict because, other than Frankie who's just pacifying him at this point, he has zero allies. It's his own damn fault.

Devin then tried to mess everything up by giving Brittany and Jacosta all the details of the BS including everyone who was in it. This shattered Brittany's trust in Derrick. Of course, Derrick got wind of it, unsuccessfully reached out to Brit, and retrained his sights on her to go, after Devin is evicted. In a head-to-head conflict, my money is on Derrick. However, there are bigger threats in the game, making it doubtful that this will happen in the coming weeks, unless she become collateral damage.

Zach is being given legendary status all over the internet for manipulating Devin into nominating him, so he can blow up the BS. I call BS. That is the lamest bit of revisionist history to excuse a bonehead move on his part. He could have blown up the already failing alliance from off the block. He's just lucky he has better and more influential players as allies, namely Derrick and Cody. The fact is, the only reason he's staying is because Devin wants him gone; and whatever Devin wants, the house and the fans don't. I'm looking forward to seeing his arrogance growing to legendary proportions. This kid is every bit as volatile as Devin. He just has a better social game only because he sleeps most of the day and gets out of people's way whereas Devin's presence is oppressive.

So, let's see how the house stands now.

Amber - Her game is in jeopardy. Her reluctant association with Creepy "Daddy" Caleb will not be easy to sever. Other than him, she has zero allies in the game. The people who like her have little influence, the ones who don't are gunning for her. Her target as of now is Nicole and rightfully so because it's mutual. She needs to realize she's not at summer camp to make friends and drink sweet tea. She needs to sever all ties with Caleb, become vocally straight-up and make some real moves.

Brittany -  As of last night, her game is in jeopardy. She might have Devin in her corner, but she might as well strap herself to a grenade. Now that Derrick and the boys have her in their sites, her days will be numbered. Her targets have been Caleb, Amber and Devin. Given her questionable understanding with Devin, she will more than likely go after Caleb first or Derrick because she's feeling betrayed by him.

Caleb - This kid is messed up. He has a deluded grasp of his place in the house. Devin doesn't trust him. Amber just wants to get the hell away. Frankie might be entertaining an alliance with him but that's tenuous. Caleb's target is Devin and probably Cody because his "woman" is getting too close to him.

Christine - She's pretty cocooned right now. No one has mentioned gunning for her. She has an alliance with Hayden and Nicole. She's protected and trusted by what's left of the BS. Not even Devin believes that she could have told anyone about the BS. Her target is Amber for whatever reason. I doubt she would have the balls to gun for bigger players but that remains to be seen.

Cody - He's golden. Everyone likes him in the house except Caleb for obvious reasons. He's in a solid alliances with Derrick, Zach, Hayden,and  influential with Nicole, Christine Brittany, Amber, Victoria and Jacosta. Devin respects him because Cody has always been honest about where he stands. Cody's targets are Devin, Caleb and possibly Amber.

Derrick - Is this season's house whisperer. Other than being part of Team America, he has solid allegiances with many house guests; and despite the fact that Brittany seems to have turned against him, I have every faith that he can turn her back. He's that good. Apart from his meltdown when he thought Amber was considering putting him up, he's kept his cool, having an excellent grasp of the game. It will be interesting to see who he would target should he get a chance but I'm predicting he won't be going for a position of power. His power is behind the scenes. His stated target is Devin, but he could be saying what others want to hear.

Donny - He is probably the most liked house guest and the first (really second) member of Team America. This should keep him safe for a good long time. Other than stupidly being targeted by Devin, he has not been considered by anyone as a target. He might go up as a pawn but he has two of the biggest smooth-talkers on his side -Derrick and Frankie. He has keen observation skills which will serve him well in the game.

Devin - Nuff said.

Frankie - He has lost fan favor because they perceive him as being disloyal to the newly appointed saint - Zach. He's part of Team America, though maybe America wants to evict him now as being a backstabber. He's lost some ground inside the house because Zach blasted his game during the PoV ceremony (which isn't backstabbing but frontstabbing); but he's still able to keep a handle on all sides of the house. His targets are up in the air. I guess that will have to do with whether he wins HoH and what's going on in the house. I doubt that he will be placing himself in that position any time soon.

Hayden - He's in a good position in the house. Aside from his Cornhole Allaince with Christine and Nicole, he's in solid with Cody, Derrick and Zach. He's come close to winning HoH and will no doubt succeed in the next couple of weeks. The problem is, his unrealistic hatred of Amber is going to make him target her first. That would be a wasted HoH.

Jacosta - She's in the house. She's observant and is liked; but she's considered irrelevant and will become the new Pao.

Nicole - I don't know what to make of her. She's in an alliance with Christine and Hayden and will be protected by them but unless she makes some moves, she will become fodder in the days to come. Yes, she knows the game but she isn't playing it strategically. She's focused on getting Amber out and is too influenced by Hayden and Cody.

Victoria - She's in the house. She's not well-liked. She's an irritant to most people and is tolerated. She's also too transparent and easily manipulated. She'll join the other pawns in this game.

Zach - See the beginning of this post.

So who has the largest targets thus far? Devin, Caleb, Frankie, Zach and Amber.

Stay tuned!