Monday, July 7, 2014

BB16: Team America - Team Production

It's 6:41 am BBT, Cody, Brittany and Zach are still up brewing yet another mutiny against Devin and Caleb. Their plan is to send the dufus duo's pet, Pao, home. Brittany is planning on outing Pao for throwing the BotB competition during her PoV ceremony speech. If everything goes down as planned, this is bound to be one explosive PoV episode.

In unrelated news, Team America has been revealed. Interesting that no women have made the final cut other than Joey whose placement in the TA was most puzzling. Anyway, these three already were given a mission to get people to talk about bald eagles. Umm, okay, Having completed it last night, they also decided to form the America Alliance. The best quote of the night goes to Donny: "If we need a brain we have a brain. (Derrick) If we need a performance, we have a performer. (Frankie) If we need a beard, we got a beard." lol gotta love Donny.

Later in the night, Derrick and Frankie solidify their bond within the alliance, doing a little bit of revisionist history to aid their cause. Frankie tells Derrick that he hasn't chosen a closer alliance within the BS. BS. He brings up that Zach told him that Derrick called Frankie a flip flopper. Derrick says that Cody was worried about Frankie being trustworthy because he talks to Devin too much. One under the bus. Derrick continues to say that he didn't call Frankie a flip flopper, but that he was playing an "Andy game" (BLECH). Derrick of course left huge portions of that conversation out. They agree that this is now their core alliance, and will use their influence in the house, without giving Donny any credit. You watch and see boys.

Since Frankie turned his back on Zach, a huge portion of BB fans (not including the Grande worshipers) have spewed their rage against him over the internet. This might spell doom to Team America since fans will be voting on their tasks which may or may not include game-related ones, like voting or nominations. Or it could just be tasks involving bald eagles and unicorns. Who knows? It's production's game.

This new alliance joins the other many alliances and "understandings" in this revved up house. So the established alliances are: The Bomb Squad, now mostly defunct, The Cornhole Alliance, consisting of Christine, Nicole and Hayden, America Alliance aka Production Alliance. There are other unofficial and unnamed alliances - The Deluded Alliance between Devin and the voices in his head. The Muscle Heads between Devin and Caleb, and The Mutiny Alliance between Cody, Zach, Derrick and now Brittany. (I named them for clarity)

This leaves a few people in the wind, namely, Victoria, Jacosta, Pao and for the most part, Amber who is in an alliance who underestimates her, treats her like Caleb's chattel and calls her game concerns "emotional". My hope is that she will wake up and gather an army to lead the charge against these ridiculous boys.

The question remains, which of these alliances are real and will withstand the test of time or the end of this week? It's anyone's guess!

p.s. In unrelated news, Devin has declared his crush on Brittany which was brought on by their tearful conversation the other night. (I called it in my preseason assessment BTW) He went from gunning for her to planning their wedding. Okay. Creepy. Caleb, on the other hand is starting to question whether Amber is into him. Welcome to reality, Caleb! Will it be a permanent stay or are you just visiting??

Stay tuned! :)