Monday, July 14, 2014

BB16: Moving Targets

As expected, Donny took Jacosta off the block and Derrick nominated Devin to sit next to his buddy Caleb. The plan for this week is for Devin to be voted out of the house. This seems to be a unanimous decision. But it's only Monday and many things can happen by Thursday in a house filled with paranoia.

It is best for Derrick and Zach that he go because they would probably be his highest targets for the obvious reasons. Devin himself seems to be resigned to leaving the BB house and join his, now famous, daughter. But again, who the hell knows what he's really thinking? It's hard to believe that all his oomph should dissipate so suddenly. Such a controlling individual to suddenly give up all control is practically transcendental. A joker is always a joker.

On the other hand, Caleb is annoying the HGs as much as he's annoying the viewers. His ridiculous obsession with Amber who is increasingly distancing herself, or trying to within the confined quarters, inspires these deluded actions like volunteering to be nominated... WHAT? Just so she can give him some attention, agree to a date, throw him a crumb, ANYTHING? It's sad and pathetic. But other than that, the "beastmode cowboy" hasn't won any competitions other than the ones that require brute strength. Devin can win many more.

If Devin is evicted the next targets are Donny, Brittany and Victoria.

I interrupted BB to enjoy the summer for a few days, coming back to talk about Donny being a target. WTF happened? Nobody seemed to know until the show last night, where it was revealed that Donny broke Nicole's confidence about Caleb's plan to throw the BotB comp. Donny needs to understand the difference between game talk and gossip. Game talk benefits the player, but gossip doesn't. Being on Team America hasn't benefited in his game, as the other two don't seem to be protecting him when others bring his name up.

Brittany is another victim of running mouth syndrome. She has no numbers on her side, yet tries to manipulate a game she barely understands, thinking she has more right to be there than others who are childless. Victoria is more preoccupied with who's taking her make-up and head bands than the game. She probably doesn't know what game she's playing.

Where do the others lie in the game?

Derrick is at top spot. He's able to manipulate others and has handled his HoH masterfully. Cody, Zach, Caleb and Hayden are team Derrick. He's lined up a slew of targets in front of him, making himself as safe as he can.

Cody's game is all about flirting with the women, having wrapped them around his little finger. The others are using him as the woman whisperer to keep the "silly females" in line.

Zach is playing the sleeping game. He sleeps most of the day, waking up to talk game and eat. He's lucky he has Derrick and Cody on his side and Devin turned into Bonehead Dictator, otherwise he would have been a goner last week.

Hayden is well-liked by most of the house, has shown ability in competitions and is needed by the other males in the house. His game relies on that. As far as alliances are concerned, he's on the bottom rung.

Nicole is a gamer but she's easily influenced and tends to have emotional targets not strategic ones. She's in a good position because she's not seen as a threat by the Alpha males.

Christine is lucky she was included in the BS because other than cackling, and talking smack, she has done very little in this game and would have been targeted with the others. Zach has already brought up the fact that she's basically useless to them, so she isn't as secure as she thinks.

Amber's game is teetering mostly because of Caleb and the target he's painted on her back. She's stated multiple times that she wants to play her own game but he won't listen and he talks a LOT more than she does. She's a proven competitor with the ability to save herself. Despite the tenuous position she's been in, other targets will come up in the ranks.

Jocasta is in the house.

Stay tuned! :)