Sunday, July 6, 2014

BB16: They Be Cray Yo

I usually do my ratings towards the end of the week but with the level of crazy in this house, I might have to do it now. I'll be using the cray scale.  Like they got to the bad stash cray. 

First of all, Devin needs to make an alliance between his mouth and his brain cause they ain't connecting.  He's written one too many checks and they're all bouncing. Promises he won't keep. Alliances he doesn't respect. Deals he has forgotten about. First he's targeting Brittany and promising Pao safety.. Then he has a discussion with Brit, they hug it out, they promise to keep each other safe. His new target is Victoria. She talks to him, cries and he promises to keep her safe. Then, he gets pissed at Zach and entertains the idea of putting his alliance member on the block. For being a general douche bag with the worst case of HoHitis, Devin gets: 

At number 2 sits Caleb who cannot control his mouth, emotions or general faculties. Sorry bud, putting on glasses does not a professor make. His brain is not interpreting what's coming into his ears well at all, as demonstrated in every dealing with Amber. This has lead him to also detonate the BS alliance. First he blows up Devin by telling him that women are afraid to talk to him. Then in his apology to Devin, he blurts out that BS members not only want to keep Brittany but want to take Devin out. This short-circuited the tiny part of Devin's brain that was functioning. Danger Mr. Robinson. For being a general creeper and thrower under the bus, Caleb earns:  

Zach lands in third place this week, because he's managed to piss off and spook his closest ally, Frankie and enrage Devin with his "honesty". Not only that, but he does the exact thing Frankie advises him not to do in order to keep Zach safe. His jealous-hatred of Victoria has nothing to do with game and everything to do with insecurity. His arrogance does not allow him to understand that honesty is rarely appreciated in the Big Brother house especially by the likes of Devin, who's simmering in a big ole pot of paranoia. For the fact that he rubbed his genitals with Victoria's hat and running his mouth, Zach earns:

Fourth in this company of fools, lands Pao who is not only a general waste of space in the game, she's done one of the most unforgivable things in BB - she threw a competition to benefit someone else, not herself. Throwing the competition to stay off the radar or to give someone else the opportunity to win, or not to appear as a threat are legitimate reasons to to do so. Throwing a competition that keeps her on the block, thinking she will be kept safe by one of the most unpredictable people in the house is plain stupid. For that reason alone she deserves to be evicted this week and earns: 

Brittany takes her place in this cluster for her bonehead inability to shut her mouth. It didn't take her long to spill the beans to Derrick about her agreement with Devin. Allowing him to persuade her to consider not accepting the PoV if Devin offers it to her and putting him on blast during the ceremony, should earn her the highest cray award. WTF kind of strategy is that? Instead of even entertaining that ludicrous idea, she should place Derrick on the shady list and gun for him as soon as she can. Who refuses the offer of safety in the Big Brother house? An absolute moron, that's who. Taking the safety this week and going back on her promise is perfectly acceptable in this game. Yes, she has cajones and I admire her for that but for even thinking about this idiotic plan, she gets: 

That's it for today, but I'm sure this list will grow and grow.

Stay tuned! :)