Thursday, July 10, 2014

BB16: Zachass Move

As predicted, Brittany and her mouth have gotten her placed high on the got-to-go next list. She went around insisting that she deserved to be in the house more than others, that the house needed to rally against the 8 especially Devin, Caleb, Frankie and Amber. More importantly, she burned bridges with the person who will more than likely win this game - Derrick. Rallying people the likes of Donny and Jacosta is going to do her no good.

But what do you expect from a recruit who knew nothing about the game?

Anyway, at around 11:20 PM last night, Zach pulls Amber in the storage room to tell her that everyone in the house thinks she's working with Devin and Caleb. He tells her that everyone is trying to save their butt, like Cody and Derrick; and she should too. He tells her that no one is going after her. Amber disagrees, correctly, saying the girls are - Brittany, Nicole and Jacosta. What she doesn't know is that Hayden is gunning for her and she has no allies except cowstruck Caleb. She pinpoints Nicole as the one who wants her our more which is a fact as Nicole has been working tirelessly to throw Amber under the bus tires.. Amber declares, "One of them needs to go this week." Zach agrees and suggests Brittany.

She goes into the beehive room where Derrick is whispering Jacosta and Brittany with Cody, to declare that she isn't in an alliance with Devin or Caleb. When Derrick tries to deny it, she counters that the girls are going around saying it. She then, immediately goes to the bathroom where Donny, Pao and Donny are sitting. "Apparently people think that I have a deal with Devin and Caleb. I can't help that Caleb has some kind of crush on me but since day 1, I'm not..." Pao interrupts her to ask who's been saying that and Amber says that it's been going around.

Shortly after, Brittany comes into the bathroom to ask Amber if that was directed at her. (If the shoe fits.) The feeds go to fish and the conversation is interrupted. The feeds switch to Nicole and Victoria whispering about Brittany and how they can't trust her, and about Caleb's cockiness. Meanwhile, Derrick continues his misting the Brittany situation to make it look like he was solely responsible for Brittany staying when the first person to speak up for her was really Amber.

Around 11:37 pm, Amber walks into the fire room but the girls continue talking. They ask her what she thinks about Zach going home, noticing that she's crying. She comes to sit with them to tell them that the girls (including the ones she's talking to) think that she's working with Devin and Caleb since day 1 or 2, that Caleb has put a target on her back and that she worked so hard to keep Brittany here. At this point, Christine is in the room too.

"There's a difference between being controlled and working with somebody. At this point I am just by myself." She goes on to say that she can't undo what happened but she's starting fresh. She adds that she cannot trust Caleb because he's putting a target on her back, that she doesn't like Caleb the way he likes her, only as a person. Amber tells them that she doesn't know what was being said. Nicole says that she considers the source and that people make things up. (Both of which she has not done.) Nicole points out that they can't know what's really happened until they watch the show. (Sometimes not even then.) Frankie and Hayden join them. Frankie asks what's going on and immediately places blame on Brittany saying she's trying to cover her own ass and diffuse suspicion against her.

Of course, Caleb decides to, once again butt into the situation, and speak for Amber, saying that they are not in an alliance or a showmance. He goes into the beehive room, heated, and Jacosta tells him to dial it down. Of course, his impassioned and stupid speech does the exact opposite or implicating Amber. After his great declaration, he goes into the fire room to find Amber and make sure she isn't mad at him. She tells him she wants to play by herself. She says that's she's not worried, that's she a beast and threw the first HoH comp. The best thing for Amber would be for her to blow him up in front of everyone.. Caleb just cannot extricate himself from her orbit. with his misplaced need to play the cowboy savior. She needs to forget about being liked and making friends. She needs to cut him loose, publicly and completely.

Meanwhile, Zach tells Christine and Frankie that he riled Amber up on purpose to put a target on her back and take it off them, calling himself a genius. Amber already had a target on her back, so I don't see the genius of that move. I'm not too sure he succeeded in doing anything except firing up Amber to get her head in the game. Caleb and Devin are already targets 1 and 2 and everyone has decided that Brittany is the one who started all this because she's worried that people will think that she's working with Devin and they do.

Zach says that the true alliance is the 3 of them, Cody, Derrick and Hayden. He tells Christine that she needs to cut her ties with Nicole. Christine agrees but more out of her fear of confrontation. I find it ironic that Zach has taken Devin's place in making decisions for other people's games. Not evicting him this week will be a mistake and there will be many players who see it but it will be too late.

Frankie brings up an interesting point when he says that the twist is fans versus clueless (recruits). I have been one of the people on the anti-recruit wagon, but one of the best if not the best - Dr. Will - won the game in season 2 with only one season to go by. It's not just that they are recruits. Many of them came into the game not knowing what game they're playing. However, one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in this game is to get arrogant and underestimate others, play too soon, too hard and implode. Anyway, another day, another cluster.

Stay tuned! :)