Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BB16: Ambush, Jealousy and Cray

Those of you who know me, know I try to keep my commentary to game analysis while pointing out socially relevant shenanigans. I'm trying to stay classy and not call HGs name, but it's been almost impossible these past couple of seasons.  I'm like...

I don't even know at this point who's even playing a good game.

Certainly not Cody who's all about blowing steam and bitching about people but never has the cajones to actually do something about it when he has the chance, namely put Caleb on the block to backdoor him. He's lucky he has the much calmer Derrick who has the eye on the prize because Cody's emotions and others' constant manipulations sway his opinions by the moment. He hates to be questioned or put on the spot, making his immediate response a Defcon 1.

Certainly not Zach who's more interested in blowing up the house for his own amusement, making his allies wary of him, questioning whether they want to carry him any more. He's more concerned about who he hates in the house than making game-related moves that will benefit him and his alliance. He even said last night that Cody, Frank and Derrick are carrying him to the final 5. I don't think he'll make it that long.

Certainly not Christine whose sole concern is logging in one-on-one time with Cody and bashing Amber, saying the latter is jealous of her. WHAT?

It's totally feasible that Amber who's beautiful inside and out should be jealous of Christine who is literally the opposite.
I'm not one to comment on looks. I don't think external appearance is something to base an opinion on but what makes Christine ugly are her words and actions. She does not miss an opportunity to slash people behind their backs with no relevance to game or strategy. She thinks she's solid in multiple alliances but she offers nothing except spreading gossip. They might carry her to final 5 and cut her or she might win this season, Anything is possible, since someone like Andy can win.

Caleb can kick rocks, thinking he's running the house but is really the next target to go not because he backed Amber into an ambush date, not because he repeatedly tries to force her into making a commitment to him, not because he kisses her AGAINST her will, not because he refuses to see that she's not into him, not because he talks non-stop about himself, but because everyone has pretty much had enough of him. He thinks that's he's a strong competitor,  but he's just a bag of hot, disturbed air.

Amber is looking longingly at the other HGs having fun while she's stuck listening to Caleb drone on and on.
This ambush date was inspired by a joke Amber made (she should know better) about going on a date with him if he ate a pickle which he hates. He ate the pickle which gave him the right, in his mind, to force Amber into a super awkward and disturbing one-on-one date last night. Fortunately for her, Nicole's conscience motivated her to give Amber a heads-up. This didn't help as Caleb asked her in front of everyone (minus Cody), putting her on the spot, egged on by Frankie, forcing her to agree and literally dragging her outside. This engendered some sympathy for Amber among a few of the house guests except Zach and Christine who found it hilarious. It also, didn't stop those two from bashing Amber almost the whole of the rest of the night.

Amber's game is constantly in jeopardy largely because of Caleb's psycho-babble, partly because of the target Devin painted on her back, and certainly because of the rampant house game of Blame Amber. She's this season's scapegoat. She's been called a liar and a fake when she is the only one, other than Donny, who has not bashed anyone. The lies she's accused of are lies that were told to her. She can do no right in this house. This might change should Caleb be evicted (PLEASE LAWD NEXT!) but I'm not holding my breath. The only chance for her is to win competitions.

Brit's game is done because her mouth won't stop and her machinations are totally transparent in the house. She claims to be up front but her tactics include badmouthing people to each other like they'll never compare notes. She's on the block and going home. Being up against Donny and campaigning as hard as she has are not doing her any favors. Besides, it's good that she go home to her kids like Devin went home to his daughter.

So who the hell IS playing a good game?

Frank's getting some action in the house last night. Eat your hearts out Caleb and Cody!
Although Derrick is the most insulated at this point, Donny is onto him and should Donny win HoH (PLEASE LAWD!) Derrick's game will be in jeopardy. Donny and Derrick are the most observant and steady players this season. The problem is that they're on opposite sides of the house, despite the Team America bullshit. Speaking of Team America. Frankie is obviously playing all angles in the house, literally!. It would be a good strategy but the others are into him and he's been brought up as a target by all sides of the house.

Hayden and Nicole are sitting pretty in the middle of all of this which might help them to skate to the end. But who the hell knows with this season?

Stay tuned! :)

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