Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BB16: Crushing It

This is not news to anyone who watches the feeds, but as expected, things went BOOM during the PoV Ceremony yesterday. It seems Brittany put Pao on blast for throwing the BotB competition just before the newly lovelorn Devin took her off the block per their "agreement" the other night. (Yeah, that's null and void.) That was soon eclipsed by Zach's nuclear blast aimed at Devin, Frankie and Caleb after he became the replacement nominee. After that, the house imploded.

Hayden and Nicole got their noses out of joint because they were outed as knowing about Compgate and Pao throwing it. Pao raged through the house, vocally and loudly denying she threw the competition, something that is moot since she sucks at them anyway. Hayden, for some reason, felt the need to tell everyone that Amber knew about the plan even though she claimed she didn't. This incited Nicole's hatred of Amber which was fueled by the fact that Amber allowed Devin to steamroll her into nominating her and Hayden who stayed on the block for a total of 2 hours.

Zach took a final torch to the BS by telling Hayden all about it, naming names, sending Devin and Caleb into a tailspin, latching onto to Amber's idea to ask Hayden to take Zach's place in the BS. While they strong-armed Hayden who finally agreeing just to shut them up (like that's possible) without an intention of following through with it, Christine told Nicole all about the BS with her fear-ridden spin on it.

After Zach finished causing all this chaos, he went to bed for hours, leaving his closest allies, Cody and Derrick to sort through the fallout and try to get him votes to stay. Derrick, rightfully berated Zach's decision to go ape shit during his speech; but it's ironic because Derrick went ballistic even at the idea of being nominated. Devin and Caleb in their utter arrogance, rested easy thinking they put Hayden in their back pocket, salvaged the BS and secured the votes to keep Pao. None of which are actually happening.

It's laughable that Zach is now fighting to stay in the game when he all but dared Devin to put him on the block. It's equally laughable that he would decide to sleep while others literally scrambled to get the votes to keep him. From a game standpoint, I would love it if both Pao and he were tossed out of the game. Pao is pointless and he's a ticking landmine that has not been defused.

It's laughable that Devin has managed to destroy any vestige of an alliance that had the opportunity to run the game because, suddenly, creepily, he fell in crush with Brittany who would rather gouge her eyes out than be in the same room with him, He's joined his buddy Caleb in a deluded love state with the object of their affections wanting nothing to do with them romantically. Devin the Destructor and Caleb his Eunuch Soldier are house enemy #1. I can't say I will cry tears if I see them packing in the next couple of weeks. Their bully tactics, their assumption that the way they view things is the only way, their creepy and unsolicited attachment to women is not something I wish to witness or the house guest to live through.

What does the future hold? As of now, most HGs are gunning for Caleb first, Devin second and the guilty-by-association, Amber third. The worst thing that could have happened for her game is winning HoH with Devin. No matter how vocal she was, her voice was squashed under aggressive machismo. Christine who would literally choke on her own mucus any time she had to speak with Devin is even criticizing Amber for not standing up to him. Hopefully, if Caleb is the first to go, Amber can salvage her game. As for Devin, he be a dead love-struck man walking.

Stay tuned! :)