Saturday, July 5, 2014

BB16: Doomed Squad

The 4th of July was a very explosive day for the BB house guests who were under lockdown until 10 pm BBT.

They huddled together and told stories, happy and sad.

They took comfort where they could, sometimes with creepy undertones.

They quietly melted down missing their families.

Underneath this emotional turmoil, brought out by the importance of the day, ran an undercurrent of resentment and rage caused by the Don of this week - Devin.
Just to highlight his ridiculous need to control everything including Amber's nominations, he stated that no one except Bomb Squad is allowed in the HoH, and there's no need to talk game. It's so bad that even Pao, whom he treats like the house pet, raged against him to Brittany. Bottom line: everyone wants him out. Who needs Team America?

Speaking of America....

After a whole day of being cooped up in the house wondering if they would have a celebration, they got booze and fireworks on the TV. (For those of you wondering why not outside, there was a huge 4th of July party in the CBS Studio parking lot near the BB house.)

The fireworks prompted several reactions in the house guests, depending on their state of mind.

Some basked in the afterglow of the moment, 

Others continued their reign of tyranny up in their nest of stupidity...

Others formed unlikely alliances, widening the rifts within the BS (best acronym ever). While Donny and Zach bonded, Derrick and Cody made an F2 deal, gunning against Devin, Caleb and, unfortunately, Amber who's become the center of a new game called Blame Amber, put in that position by Devin and Caleb (who told Derrick that Amber was considering putting him up).

When the backyard opened, the fun and games began, even a little cuddling #Nicody...

While, inside, a meltdown was triggered when Victoria realized others find her bossy and rude. She explained to Jacosta, because of her language background, "can you" replaces "please". Jacosta was kind to her and tried to give her some gentle perspective.

Later, a few house guests gathered for a little prayer which didn't stop the current of mutiny from bubbling to the surface.

It started with hushed conversations within the BS about keeping Brittany over Pao should the nominations stay the same. When Derrick finally approached Caleb with it, a mistake in my opinion, Caleb took this as an opportunity to add to the case against Devin, by saying he didn't like how the latter treats Amber. (Dude, it's not about Amber. She can take care of herself.)

Anyway, prayer turned to BS mutiny against Devin when Caleb decided to poll the BS members (Amber, Derrick, Christine and later Frankie) about Brittany's eviction. This discussion turned a corner when Amber stated that she wanted Devin out, that she did not appreciate the way he took over her nominations, including talking to Hayden and Nicole before she had a chance to, and not allowing her to speak. They debated about whether to keep Brittany and what to do with Devin, deciding to wait until after PoV.

Well, they did; but Caleb had other plans. He confronted Devin, shortly after, with the fact that there are people in the house who don't want to vote out Brittany, pointing out that Devin wants Brittany out for personal reasons which contradicts his house meeting statements. Devin nailed him with the observation that this is all Amber's doing (#BlameAmber Drinking Game) and that Caleb is too blinded by his crush on her. Caleb retaliated, saying it's not just Amber, that Christine is afraid of Devin. Enraged, Devin called Chistine out despite Caleb and Derrick telling him not to. She, of course, is too intimidated to tell Devin she's afraid of him, because, well, she's afraid of him...

Then things went:

Devin got aggressively defensive prompting him to pull Caleb aside, in full earshot of most of the house, to tell him he did not appreciate Caleb coming at him, yelling, "There's no more alliance. We're done."

This caused a flurry of damage control to keep the BS secret, despite Devin's detonation.

While Frankie tried to tame the beast,

the others planned Devin's eviction, until Frankie came outside to inform them that Devin isn't going to expose BS (I laugh every time) but his connection to Caleb is over. Frankie advised Caleb not to talk to Devin anymore or the alliance will truly be blown. (We know by now how well Caleb listens...)

When Caleb went inside to get Amber's blanket which he's adopted, the others decided he's as scary as Devin because he cannot control himself. Caleb returned to mope on the hammock and, for the 5th time in half an hour,  tell Amber the blow-up story.

Amber went inside to wake up Brittany and tell her what happened before Devin could spin the story. Shortly after, Derrick joined them to relate the events since he was there and Amber wasn't. Meanwhile, Cody, Christine and Zach rehearsed what to tell others outside the BS, in case Devin exposes them, deciding to say that he approached them for an alliance but they didn't go for it.

The fallout of this confrontation took the house guests into the early morning hours, during which this tale was retold over and over. During this time, Zach decided to pull a Jeremy with Victoria's hat. This did not impress Frankie in the least, prompting him to end Zankie and tell Christine about his former F2 alliance with Zach.

Boom! Pow! Kaboom! Done!

All this fallout resulted from Caleb's inability to keep his mouth shut, acting from a deluded sense of chivalry. And it all happened before PoV players have been even picked. Who wants to bet that, if things are not patched up, Caleb will be a potential replacement nominee? Oh boy.

Stay tuned.