Monday, July 28, 2014

BB16: Big Stalker

I've watched Big Brother since season 1. I started watching the feeds late, in season 9. I've been blogging about Big Brother since season 10. Every season, I've had my favorites and ones I did not like; but since last season, I've noticed a disturbing trend of production sitting back while one or two HGs get bullied, targeted and abused in the house, without warning or repercussion.

Aaryn's shaming last season does not even count. CBS had to air her racism because it caught the attention of other news agencies like TMZ. When she was evicted, Julie Chen mounted her high horse in the interview and confronted her. Aaryn deserved it, but others, like GinaMarie and Amanda who were as bad if not worse, skated, as did others who condoned and encouraged this behavior, like Andy (who won) and Spencer who made F3.

The targets, last season were Howard and Candice. While Howard was evicted early, Candice had to suffer through verbal assaults for being black. The feedsters were outraged. Nothing was done. There were no warnings, no punishments, no penalties, nothing, This continued until she was evicted. While what Candice went through was horrible, uncalled for and disgusting, she had people who rallied around her in the house.

That's not the case for Amber. Because of one man's psychotic and abusive obsession with her, she's been targeted for weeks. Caleb concocted an imaginary relationship with her which prompted him to talk about her to the others non-stop (when he isn't talking about himself), talk for her, watch her while she sleeps, kiss her against her will, make plans to take her on a cruise (which she turned down), marry her, force her on a "date", make idiotic and grand gestures like going on the block "to save her" even when she told him not to culminating in vindictive and aggressive behavior when she would not act the way he wanted her to.

This behavior was encouraged by all the other house guests, some who "hate" Amber for their own twisted reasons and others who use her for their games. Today, they will all gleefully participate in ambushing her not only with a blindside nomination, but with a rehearsed attack during the PoV Ceremony by Zach, a fan favorite, so that the ridiculous Team Harassment can get their unearned cash.

Why? If she's a threat to people's games, it makes sense to evict her. The personal and constant attacks and bashing are uncalled for and undeserved. She, literally, is the nicest person in the house who's never said a bad word about anyone to or behind their backs. Hayden has said he wants to murder her a couple of times. The women constantly berate her behind her back, calling her fake. The men condescendingly dismiss her as a user while using her to manipulate Caleb. This mob mentality rallying against someone whose misogyny is disturbingly apparent blows my mind. Further, there are viewers who excuse Caleb's behavior.

I'm disgusted in the whole thing. At the producers, at these unconscionable house guests, at the fans who glorify them. The best thing that can happen to Amber is to be evicted on Thursday. She has zero allies in the house; her game is done. She needs to be freed from the terror that is Caleb and go back to her lovely life without the possibility of being stuck with crazy cakes in jury.

Stay tuned :(