Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BB16: You Say Charity, I Say Bullshit

So in the early morning hours, (Aug 12th) 2:48 am BBT cams 3/4, Frankie admitted to Derrick that he won't be using his stipend (to build a school in Africa). [They were talking about the TA and how much money they can make from it. We never got to hear what he would say next because it went to fish.} Let's just give him the benefit of the doubt that this self-aggrandizing paranozzle will actually give money to this charity.  I guess he'll be buying pencils for the school with the $85 this social media mogul has managed to collect.

But what prompted him to explain to Derrick which money he would use to help those kids? I mean who cares, right? Money is money. At first I couldn't understand it, thinking it's a dumbass move to give Derrick even more ammo (but why should he be different than everyone else in the house?).  Then it dawned on me. They were talking about how much money they could potentially make from Team America tasks. Oh I see you , Frankie J Grande. Now, you're manipulating production! This just highlights Frankie's ruthlessness to use everyone and everything in his life to promote himself. This, along with the fact that production is working to keep him safe, makes him one of the least-liked individuals this season.

Second only to Christine.

Not only has she been playing a horrible game, basically being instrumental in evicting all of her potential allies in order to gain approval from the guys and uninterrupted attention from her BB boyfriend, Cody, she's been spewing hatred for everyone and everything in and out of the game. This is, no doubt, a reflection of her deeply-rooted insecurities and issues of self-esteem; but it's not a good look on her, as she bashes every single fan fave this season.

Speaking of the house prostitute, Cody has been giving me endless reasons to belly-laugh as he puts down other people's game while being Derrick's biggest puppet and the most cowardly player this season. His sole HoH was used to evict someone who wasn't gunning for him in order to keep someone who's completely worthless, except as a number.

Caleb found redemption with some fans when he "saved Zach" by "convincing" Derrick to keep Zach and, later, when he offered to throw BoB to keep Frankie in the nomination chair. This failed spectacularly because Caleb is incapable of thinking, always concerned with grandstanding and keeping the spotlight on himself. It didn't help that production threw in a comp very similar to the one Frank Eudy won, alone,  in BB14, and stopped Caleb from trying to sabotage it by telling him he couldn't play after it started. (I would strengthen the theory that this competition was a last minute switch-up by pointing out that production did not give them a chance to practice on the apparatus like they did in BB14 and have done until this comp.)

Anyway, despite Nicole's valiant attempts to campaign, she's hit a huge roadblock called Derrick, who's now floating the idea that she's a 4th year medical student. Hell, maybe her professor is Donny who is the next target. Though Derrick wants to keep him for TA, it will take Donny winning HoH/PoV in order to stay safe. Zach is also on shaky ground with Derrick and Cody which infuriates me.

How is it smarter to get rid of a man who is alone or a guy who is loyal, over big threats like Frankie? I'm sure DR has a lot to say about that.

Stay tuned! :)