Monday, August 18, 2014

BB16: Patrol of Futility

Last night was one of two parallel patrols: 1- the useless patrol to catch the "saboteur" and 2- the equally useless campaign to save Zach using the hashtag #RenomRule on Twitter.

BullyModeDoucheBoy screaming accusations at Victoria after the "theft was discovered
The fact that these idiots still want to patrol (which is part of the TA task this week) to lookout for the saboteur is just proof that this house is populated by idiots. First of all, none of their possessions will actually leave the house if they don't personally take them out when evicted, as evidenced by the troubling fact that they found Aaryn's hat behind a chest of drawers. It seems production just gives the house a rudimentary face-lift instead of a thorough renovation. This, along with their recycled competitions, just highlights production's laziness. Anyway, back to the patrol. If there were a saboteur, he/she knows that the others are suspicious, so why would he/she risk being caught? Unless, it's Zach who would openly hide a cue ball after he's accused. This is just another example of the lameness of these people.

Desperation was spoltighted last night as a certain sector of BB fans, including the Grande family, spent most of the night tweeting production with the hopes that it would, for the first time this season, enforce the BB "rule" that says the HoH cannot tell the nominee he/she is being nominated. This is complete and utter futility. First of all, production does what it wants to do; and given Robyn Kass' blatant tweet about fans of social media, they do not care what tweeting fans think. Secondly, this rule was broken multiple times this season; if they enforce it now, it's another example of blatant rigging; but it's okay, as long as they're rigging it for a "fan fave". Thirdly, if CBS and production did nothing to address the serious and disheartening issue of racial bullying last season, why would they bother with a house guest who is not part of their preconceived story line of getting Frankie and Derrick to the end?

Speaking of fan favorite, it's quite astonishing how Zach has accumulated so many fans. Don't get me wrong, he can be a gentle, loving person towards the people he chooses; but he's also demonstrated a very vindictive and angry side. Granted, no one's perfect. Zach does have a certain charm of a 6 year-old, (roses are red, violets are blue... come on); but given what's left in the house, he's one of the two least obnoxious. This, like all things, is a matter of perception, however, what is indisputable is that his game play has been non-existent.

Zach lucked into a big "alliance" from the beginning, an alliance that allowed him to sleep through the majority of the game, laughed at his antics, shielded him when he was at risk of leaving and puppeteered him for the TA tasks. He's lucky Derrick's focus was getting out all the threats to Derrick's game, as the others willingly complied without knowing it. Well, this week, Zach's luck has run out and it's 70% his fault that he's in this position.

He might have continued his Zankie showmance to stay safe this week, but he also allowed Frankie to gain a foothold back with the group. Granted, Frankie is safe this week, but Zach could have continued his campaign to keep Frankie on the outs. When it came down to volunteering to go on the block next to Donny, he should have agreed to throw the BoB, but not throw it, ensuring that he and Donny were safe. Instead, he became petulant about it, drawing a huge target on his back with his "alliance". In addition, his sketchy behavior throughout the season, allowed Frankie to make him the "escape goat", culminating in him accusing Zach of being the saboteur. Finally, when Caleb told him that he was going on the block to be evicted, Zach took it like a sheep to slaughter. No fight, no trying to convince Frankie to nominate a bigger threat -Derrick.

Speaking of Derrick, the dude has it in the bank. Not only do we know this, the house guests know and have discussed this. When Zach told Frankie and Caleb that he would vote for Derrick above all others in F2, this should have given him and the others impetus to switch up the plan and put Derrick on the block. The fact that it doesn't even occur to them speaks to the fact that they all suck at this game.

Before I get a gazillion stones of backlash fired at me, keep in mind that I'm speaking purely from a game perspective. While a lot of these house guests have exhibited varying degrees of hateful behavior, and though I have judged them based on it, in this instance, no matter how much I like or do not like them, I will acknowledge great game play. Derrick's game is far from great. I'd call it great if he were in a house with strategic players. He's not. The others are so vapid as to evict all their allies in order to get rid of Derrick's threats with the exception of Donny.

Donny is, hands down, the fan favorite and the underdog we all love to root for; however, he too has made some critical mistakes in this game. Firstly, he allowed the others to isolate him, by going to bed while the others schemed. Had he played a more active role in the house from the beginning, rallied all the outcasts, including Joey, Pao, Brittany, Jacosta, Hayden, Nicole and Amber, he would have had a Pop Tart army. Instead, he sat passively as they were evicted one-by-one. Sure, the Douche Squad had the power the whole season, but he and the others could have infiltrated them. He certainly was onto them early on in the game, but he did not weaponize that knowledge.

Do I want Donny to go far? Sure. Who doesn't? But, unless he gets help from production and/or he wins the upcoming HoH and the person returning is strong enough to ally with him to win some competitions, his days are numbered.

Stay tuned!