Thursday, August 28, 2014

BB16: Vote NO to Fakie

Oh Hi! Are y'all still here? Yeah BB16 is still going on but I will confess I haven't. I've stopped watching the feeds and I won't be watching the shows except the Live evictions. Today I will be present to honor Donny's departure and after that I will be present to see the Detoturds get evicted.

Before you accuse me of being sour grapes because my favorites are gone and that I'm bitter, let me tell you that you don't know me. I know a lot of people love spoilers, but I don't. I don't see the point of watching a show or reading a book (unless they are supremely awesome and I'm watching/reading them again) if I know how it's going to end.

There is a 95% chance that Derrick will win this thing and honestly, he's earned the win. Yes, he's shown some very unsavory qualities and has made some very off-putting comments, but more than likely he's treating his stint in the house like another undercover job. If you have to mix with scum, you become scum. I realize that it could very well not be the case, but at this point, I don't even care enough to be outraged.

Anyway, should anyone else, other than Derrick or Nicole, win this season, it will be even more of a travesty. Not that Nicole has played any better than Derrick's other bobble heads or that she's displayed better qualities than the others (she thoroughly took part in bashing Amber and others) but I simply dislike her the least. And yes, it's a game but I don't root for winners just because they happen to win. I have to like them as people too.

Speaking of which, the Survivor cast has been revealed and I have a few choice things to say about them. I'll be posting about Survivor and other shows like Utopia on my other blog Everybody and their Dog Blogs after this horrific season of Big Bullshit ends. My Survivor cast assessment will be posted there tomorrow.

As far as what's going on BB16, I hope you all got your NO votes (option 2) to Frankie's lame TA play. We need to get the message across that we are not amused. This will be the only time the fans will have a say on anything important this season.

Stay tuned! :)