Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BB16: Saints and Sloths

As Twitter EXPLODES with adulations and pleas for Zach, Donny's futile attempts to save Zach and himself are shut down in the house.

Zach is close to being canonized by a large faction of BB fandom. Since this is my first year being active on Twitter, I can't say if this happens every season, but it's quite the phenomenon this season. My timeline is littered with Zach pictures and gifs, pleas for him to saved, love towards any HG who happens to be supporting him, praise for all of Zach's fabulousness. At the risk of getting attacked, I need to keep it real. Zach is no saint. He's made some very personal comments against people who he had no call to be against, and made equally stupid moves in this game. As far as viciousness, Frankie, Christine and Victoria have him beaten. Anyway, I'm not going to bash the kid, and I've already stated my case about why he's not a good player of this game. (see previous posts)

Donny has been trying hard to save Zach (once again someone else is campaigning harder than Zach is himself) but also to save himself from the inevitable eviction that's looming in the horizon. The problem is that he's working with a bunch of humanoids missing crucial chromosomes. While Derrick and Frankie are dominating this bunch of zoo rejects, the others are protecting them, at risk of their own games. It's unreal. I can't even see a single thought process among them.

Anyway, Donny tried talking to Cody yesterday but he might as well be talking to a sloth. Nothing sunk in and it was business as usual. He hasn't had a chance to report to his puppet master, but that doesn't mean he won't. He's not even smart enough to consider the logical and true points Donny made about where Cody stands in the pecking order. I mean, all he has to do is consider that Frankie took Caleb off the block and not him.

Today, Donny attempted to talk to Christine, but he would have better luck getting a crustacean to do magic tricks. After his very valid arguments to the second of these genetically challenged individuals, Christine scurried to tell her chew toy everything Donny told her. What do you expect from a love-struck individual whose main concern is gaining attention from a jellyfish? Of course this will have a ripple effect. They will go to their masters, spill their guts and seal their dumbass fates.

The only hope that Donny has is if he wins HoH and whoever returns from jury comes in guns blazing. But who are we kidding? Even if those two can win HoH back to back, they're still outnumbered. The task they face is almost insurmountable. They would have to get rid of Derrick and Frankie in order to stand a chance but they have the rabid mutts to deal with.

On the bright side, Utopia feeds go live August 29th, and you can bet I will be blogging that here.

Stay tuned! :)