Monday, August 11, 2014

BB16: Rap by G Sizzle

When BB16 started 
the fans were all lit
until we were hit
with production's bullshit

The people they chose
it was quickly disclosed 
they were mostly disposed
for the image they posed.

A neopolitan mogul
pranced onto the scene
this stunt casting blowfish
a Broadway hasbeen

His goal is so lame
using "Africa's" pain
his sister's known name
to gain internet fame.

The obvious pandering
by a network who's bust
while throwing the real fans
under the damn BB bus

For a handful of children
fans of a pop star
Production will make sure
this poser goes far.

The joke's on you Moonves
The ratings are falling
Your cash cow has failed
so just quit your bawling

Then there's the cowboy
whose beast mode is trolling
for fame and delusions
This mofo is crawling

Because of a beauty
who don't want him at all
he tossed her and laughed 
at her BB downfall

His bragging and whining
makes my stomach churn
The best BB moment
is when on him they turn

Oh, he'll find a few fans
when he comes outside
but as far as the rest of us
to hell he can ride.

Another addition
to this jacked up crew
is a chick who'll do anything
for a damn BB screw.

She'll play the boys game
Wanting applause
While she gropes and rubs Cody
with her wedding ringed paws.

The day is still coming
when, at last, it's her  turn
The sausage she's pawing,
this hag will soon burn.

She seethed all damn season
with hatred and jelly
on the women who're prettier
on the new HD telly

She plotted and ruined
all the women she hated
but guess what Christine
you're the constant low-rated.

Now on to the house whore
Yes, Mr. Flirtmance
He's gotten the women
to dance for his glance

But what is insane
his sole claim to fame
Is that he's so lame
to play Derrick's game.

The goat of the season
Is easy to find
she's whining and whimpering
all the damn time

She hates all the women
because they're all fake
with extensions and make-up
that award she will take.

Though Ian was dressed
as the BB pet dog
Vicky's the poodle
clenched on Derrick's log

Derrick's the house boss
It's hard not be 
With a house full of idiots
who plainly can't see

His schemes and decisions
like good little pawns
And only in jury
the truth on them dawns

Instead of conspiring
to play their own games
when they go and he wins
themselves they can blame.

The only one who's got
Derrick's devious number
Is Donny of course
who's alert when in slumber

The problem with this
Is Donny's alone
And if he can't win comps
He'll be going home

Zach might be an ally
but who knows with him
He sways with the wind
and at every lame whim

If he puts in place
A plan that will cut
the schemers and liars
He's got a great shot

We're waiting to see
who'll he stab in the back
and live up to the name
of the Zach Attack

Nicole is outnumbered
her time has arrived
her game has just started
but she took a dive

Helping the dominant
take out all the chicks
now she's without allies
surrounded by dicks.

This one sided season
without power shift
has taken a tumble
into boring-ass shit.

We count out the weeks
as this season done reeks
all enjoyment we seek
from the bottom it leaks. 

*drops the mic*

-GSizzle aka Genie Sea out