Thursday, August 7, 2014

BB16: Big Bullshit

Yeah okay. So after a two hour blocking of the feeds for a half-way party, suddenly, Caleb has his head in the game not on his abs and what woman he will victimize to talk about numbers. This is not at all suspicious. Combine that with Derrick being told in DR earlier in the week to consider keeping Zach, what happens? Suddenly, Zach is staying. Divine Grodvention.

I have nothing against Zach or him being saved except for two things: this whole scenario contravenes everything Big Brother has stood for; and it is simply yet another ploy to keep production's cash cow in the game. Do not be fooled. Zach means nothing to them except as a shield to keep Frankie safe. This is just another example of how the producers of the show have sold out the show they produce.

The dominating alliance will continue to dominate probably ensuring the fan fave Donny is slaughtered during DE tonight. But it doesn't matter. Zach who sleeps 20 hours a day, wakes up to eat and rehearse lame speeches will stay to "entertain" the fans who think this is America's Funniest Gifs not Big Brother.

Fauxlliances crumble while others reform as a cluster of idiots run their mouths, target each other, threaten to blow up games but do fuck-all. It's beyond ridiculous. It's not even Big Brother. I do not recognize it. CBS and its production team have turned this beautiful, Amazonean game into a two-bit prostitute selling itself to a pop singer and her followers.

Courtesy of Josh Adams via Entertainment Weekly
The only one playing the game with focused intent but paranoid blindness is Derrick. He will win the game if he doesn`t become a victim of his own waffling machinations. His swinging from fake alliance to fake alliance may very well come back to bite him in the nuts. He`s relying on an alliance comprised of a douchebag, a rat, a sleeper, a jellyfish and a diva. It`s only a matter of time that they will turn on him. Add to all this the fact that he kills all exciting game moves because of his inherent fear of making a move, he is someone whose game is interesting but he himself isn`t.

The way it`s going, expect to see Frankie and Victoria in F2, ending another disappointing season of Big Bullshit.

Stay tuned.