Friday, August 8, 2014

BB16: Go Home Grande

Those of you who doubt production is manipulating this game to keep Frankie safe, think again. Team America was designed to save Frankie. In BB15, everyone was outraged because they thought MVP kept Elissa safe, which it didn't. In BB13, the Golden Ticket was in place to protect the vets. This season, every single TA task put a target on other HGs but never Frankie. The fact that it kept Donny and Derrick safe too is besides the point.

This week's tasks were to A- get a "pawn" nominated and evicted and B- make a fake side alliance. Everybody on Twitter almost unanimously said they would vote B. ( I don't bother to vote, knowing that these votes are bogus tools for production to manipulate the game). Anyway, suddenly, not shockingly, Team Lame-rica was given task A. Shocker! The reason? It ensures Frankie's safety this week.

Zach came through, once again, for Zach fan-atics, by volunteering to go on the block AGAIN! AGAIN! Not only that, while talking to Nicole who is HoH with Christine, he spouted everything he's done in the game including the Detonators. Of course, later, he told the Detonators that he told Nicole. What the actual fuck is this kid doing? No really. He's using up lives in this game with disregard to strategy. Can we all agree that Zach can be the house mascot, because rooting for him as a player is just a ridiculous concept? Anyway, despite Frankie pushing Zach to volunteer, Zach is lucky there's another idiot in the house. Caleb volunteered to go on the block and throw the BoB.

It's a win-win situation should Caleb and Frankie stay on the block. If either of these douchers leave this week, I'll be popping champagne. The better news is that Donny is safe this week and has fallen off the radar, replaced by Frankie and Christine. Their rat number is up. That's IF things go according to plan and Christine whose plan is to put up Donny and Victoria does not stay HoH.

Courtesy of Michael Borkowski
via Entertainment Weekly
Derrick seems to be unwilling to do the task this week, getting Frankie to agree with him. Knowing Derrick, he's getting his moves in place should Caleb and Frankie stay on the block, so they vote Frankie out. The heavens have opened. Is that the Holy Roller singing in the clouds? No, Jacosta is in the jury, saving Hayden from his misogynistic murderous intentions.

Stay tuned! :)