Thursday, August 21, 2014

BB16: Coo coo's Nest

Tonight is the night that will make or break the rest of the season for BB fans, depending on who comes in and who wins HoH. Frankly, if Donny or the returnee don't win HoH, it will be the end of BB16. It will chug along to its inevitable conclusion, predictable as a rusty nail. My prediction is that the juror's will compete first, and then the HoH comp will happen either later tonight or tomorrow. It would be the best way to give the returnee a chance at winning. (And I don't care if it's fair to the others.)

Zach is ready for his eviction. He's taking it in his stride and has not lived up to Frankie's slanderous expectations. His fan base is considerable including All-Stars such as Kaysar, Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Janelle and Britney, evictees such as Amber who will be buying a pink hat to give to him at the finale, and even Ariana Grande who's tweeted her disappointment at Frankie's nomination of Zach instead of Derrick.

It's indisputable that Derrick has been playing the best game all season, but his increasingly disturbing comments about other house guests is losing him fans, yours truly included. I tried to get past the fact that Derrick encouraged Caleb's crazy obsession with Amber to control him. It was crossing the line, but I understood his game motivations. Yesterday, however, he annihilated the line with his personal vendetta against Donny who's just trying to play the game like most of them.

When Christine made foul accusations against Donny, saying he "jiggled" his penis in front of her (Aug 20th, 6 am BBT - thanks Lisa Chanana!), Derrick encouraged her saying Victoria feels uncomfortable when Donny stares at her. Then, when Christine ratted Donny out after he attempted to talk some sense to her (an exercise in futility given she stabbed her closest friend in the back and threw the BOTB comp in order to oust him), Derrick got verbally violent, saying he would smack the M&Ms out of Donny's hand and tell him to "pick them up, bitch". (Donny told Christine, jokingly, that he would use the M&Ms to decide his nominees should he win HoH).

Sure the pressures of the game make people do and say things that are not defensible, however, Derrick's "good cop" facade peels away when he's not in control. Being a student of this game, he should be able to give Donny some credit for playing the game. And sure, he could be speaking this way for his disgusting companions, but he lost any sympathy most fans had for him.

Christine, on the other hand, continues to live up to her low status in fans' eyes. Despite the zing she got and  her whole crying act in its wake, she can't get her paws and body off Cody who's just as much to blame for this situation. She continues to bash everyone and everything, especially the women who have been evicted. This is what makes her ugly, not the face she was born with.

Then there's this:

 A quick read of someone who displays symptoms of sociopathic tendencies, proves that this dude is not all there. His graphic cruelty towards animals even in his deluded lies (he claimed to have broken a lion's jaw with his bare hands), his narcissism, his odd outfits, his lack of empathy, all show a very disturbing individual who should have thrown up any number of red flags during the psych testing. We know however that CBS doesn't really pay heed to those. Can you say Willie, Brandon and Russell Hantz?

Speaking of not all there, there's this:

This chick's jealousy, vapidness and vicious behaviour (ripping apart Zach's pink hat just because he was teasing her) is parallel only to her supreme lack of game. I present you with your second place winner.

Yeah and there's Ariana's brother too. But I don't have time for that.

Stay tuned! :)