Friday, August 15, 2014

BB16: Skittles. Taste the Bullshit.

This season is about as exciting to watch as a scab on a toe. Putting aside the paltry game play that has allowed Derrick to control this game the whole season, or the fact that every single eviction is happening without resistance, or that the eviction speeches have turned into shout-outs, and that we've been saddled with a crew of extraordinary douche nuggets lead by production's pet, the "social-media mogul", now the "game" we've loved throughout the years has been reduced to nominations by Skittles. WTF?

With the crippling Bottle of the Block twist, we've had an increase of thrown competitions and one-sided power. As Derrick and Frankie are on the HoHs, they've trained their target on Donny - a member of their TA alliance. They've both been pandering to the cameras with this schmoltsy twist (Frankie just lives for camera time). Now they are going to evict one of TA? How do they think that would go over with the fans? Sure, they have no way of knowing that Donny has lead all the fan polls all season, but they should know that "America" put him on the team.


The bobble heads and Derrick convened to decide who was going to volunteer to go on the block with Donny to throw the BoB competition. Of course, they all wanted the alliance pasty, Zach, to do it; but he was having none of it, incurring Cody's, Caleb's and Chrsitine's wrath and questions of trust. They tried to threaten him to agree but when they reached a stalemate, they drew Skittles to see which three would go up. The results? Derrick will nominate Donny with Christine, Frankie will nominate Cody and Caleb. 

This shows an incredible lack of forethought in Zach. He could have easily shut his mouth, gone on the block with Donny and not throw the competition. Of course, he's taking the chance of losing but now he's the next target and the possible replacement nominee.


Today will be another sham of a competition targeting the person in the house who has literally nothing and noone. What kind of lame game play is this? Derrick should know better than to go into the final stages with a 6 person "alliance". Frankie is the biggest threat to his game, but Derrick won't target him? He doesn't know that someone from jury will return. Is he holding his cards close to his chest to see what shakes out after BoB and PoV ot is he trying to play it too safe?

Here's hoping that Donny wins BoB. Hey Grodner, you pulled a "miracle" last week to save your favorite; how about you save ours this week?

Stay tuned.