Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BB16: The Looney Toons Edition

It's getting harder and harder to write about this season. There's been one group in power and even if it's not, it is. And when I say group, I mean a person - Derrick. While his every move is calculated for the endgame, others are stumbling and imploding.

As far as what's happening in the "game", Zach is more than likely leaving Thursday because of two fatal flaws - his naive trust in, yet another, defunct "alliance" and his running mouth that has given the others an excuse to oust him. The next big targets are trained at Frankie, Christine and Caleb whose target is Donny.

Frankie has lost the trust of  almost everyone in the house, excluding Caleb, Zach and Christine. His overzealous running about the house, trying to control situations, spreading lies and trying to manipulate others, like Nicole, to reinforce his lies about his target have landed him in a whirlwind of trouble. The word is out and it's not looking good for production's  cash cow. While CBS loves the supposed ratings Ariana's fans bring, most the rest of the BB fandom have had enough of their Twitter shenanigans. Frankie has done himself no favors with his  need to be the "star" of the house and his dirty game tactics against fan faves Brittany, Amber and now Zach. I don't speak for others, as a rule, but I can safely say we're all sick of Frankie and his little fans too.

Meanwhile, Christine has overplayed her hand, alerting the house guests to her trying to run both sides (the sides are beginning to be drawn) of the house. Nicole turned against her. at first, because she told Nicole that Hayden and Victoria "hooked up - a blatant lie that the whole house now knows. Then she was caught in a some game-related lies, turning the guys in their detonated alliance against her. While she has never been a fan fave, the married Christine has also alienated fans because of her personal vendettas against the already-evicted women, to clear a path in her "nomance" with Cody (who's peddling his wares, at Derrick's behest, to manipulate the women).

These high school shenanigans of hers are obviously a result of personal insecurities she's going through that might impact her life outside of the house. Had these jealousy and self-confidence issues not prompted her to say some of the vilest things about the other women, I would have some sympathy for her; but I don't. She might redeem herself when she leaves the house by apologizing to those whose games she's ruined. Others have in the past, like Britney, Ragan and Rachel. If they can move past their extreme differences, I'm not going to hold a grudge. But I like those three. I can't say the same for Christine.

What I've been trying to point out on Twitter but it's difficult to express accurately in 140 characters, is the double standard against women. Amber tried to politely shut down Caleb; but because she didn't do it in a dramatic and aggressive way which isn't in her nature, she's been accused of being a "tease" by the house guests and some of the fans. Victoria's attachment to Derrick has brought on disgusted criticism of her but less of him. Christine has become the poster child of "adultery". Yet Cody, who's using his sexuality to flirt with women for dirty game, gets a pass. If a woman were doing what he's doing, even if it's for "game", she would be condemned to the label of whore. It seems only women are victims of the high moral ground. I've talked about the misogyny this show spotlights repeatedly. I don't want to be a broken record.

Caleb is still in the house but I don't pay attention to him at all. His delusions and creepiness continue but I don't bother with him. His self-absorption is finally getting on the house guests' nerves and without his stalking target in the house, they have no one else to blame.  Since Amber was evicted and is safe from his obsession, I don't feel the need to pay attention to him. There is nothing about this dude that even makes him a good player or a person I can root for. I've drawn a circle in the ground and he can sit his ass in it.

Anyway, Zach is leaving this week which has started a shit-storm of outrage in a large portion of the BB fan-base. His antics and rehearsed speeches of a 5-year-old have softened the hearts of a lot of the viewers. If he weren't a large contributor of misogyny along with Devin, Caleb and Frankie, I'd share this sentiment; but I don't. Does he have some endearing qualities? Sure. His visible empathy for Frankie's and Derrick's losses show a nicer, softer side of Zach. However, his game has been largely one reliant on his alliance members saving him from his own dumb-ass moves, like egging on a volatile egomaniac to nominate him, volunteering to go on the block and saying he will throw competitions so he can make speeches. No matter what the circumstances, even if someone thinks he will be nominated and is safe, it is never a smart move to volunteer. He wasn't the target this week, but he's a casualty of his juvenile antics.

Double eviction is coming up. Hopefully one of the major targets -Frankie, Christine or Caleb- will be ousted Thursday and continue to do so in the coming weeks. With them gone, we can change the channel from Big Brother - The Looney Toons Edition

Stay tuned.