Monday, July 1, 2013

Big Brother 15 Casting: Epic Fail

I've been struck silent since this season has begun. Not having the feeds is not the reason. I'm airing on the side that CBS did us non-U.S. citizens a favor. I would probably not even watch the feeds if I had them. I've heard enough from those that do to make me even question if I want to watch this show again.

Every season carries with it a certain level of nastiness, bringing the seedy underbelly of people to the forefront. Every season, some HG says or does something that causes a fury among the fans. Every season has heated debates, campaigns of outrage and bouts of inexcusable behaviour from those who call themselves fans. Every season, people threaten to stop watching while remaining glued to the feeds and to the TV.

This season is different.

This season has shed light into such vileness as never seen before. Racism, homophobia, bullying, character assassination, sexual promiscuity and a level of game play that cannot be excused with the phrases: "It's just game." or "The house brings out the worst in people." or "It's a matter of perspective."  This season, I will break my own rule of not slamming the players.

This season will probably unseat BB9 as the worst cast ever.

Sure, there were awesome players in BB9 (neither of which made it for F2); and there are awesome players in BB15 who I pray will make it to the F2 chairs. But, this season is ruled by people who were picked based on looks alone. "Beautiful" people who are so rotten inside, the rot has seeped to their faces, making them the ugliest cast ever.

Worst yet, we know that production will probably spin them into the characters they cast them for, whether they deserve these roles or not. Jerry MacDonald of BB10 comes to mind. While his mouth spewed ugliness on the feeds, he was portrayed as a valiant older man, one worthy of being a fan fave in the show. Expect that to happen again.

At the forefront of this monstrous behaviour are some of the members of the self-proclaimed Blondetourage, dubbed as Bieber Fever by Amanda and YUCK (Young Unsavory Cretinous Knuckleheads) by me: Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlyn and David.

The Blonde Vileshell
Aaryn was probably cast to play the role of "America's Sweetheart" but the only sweet thing about her will be her departure from the game, hopefully, pre-jury. She has made racial slurs against Helen and Candice, homophobic comments against Andy and sexist comments against those of her own gender. In her preseason interviews, she claimed to hate mean girls, yet she makes them look like the members of Sister Act.  She is a bully and an instigator, just for the fun of it. She is insecure and arrogant at the same time. It will be a feat of editing to portray her as anything close to a "darling". Whoever compared her to Jordan Llyod needs a stronger dose of medication.

The Dickhead
Jeremy was probably cast to play the part of Great American Hero, someone whose Cherokee roots would break the preconceptions of Native Americans. The Cherokee Nation needs to disown him. He has zero redeeming qualities. He is a flaming sexist, a homophobic bully who unfortunately is part of one of the worst Brolliances ever (The Moving Company) simply because he is in it. I try not to pay attention to rumours that come via social networking, but the early news of him being a woman hater are verified by his behaviour in the house.  Many have compared him to Jacob of the Twilight series. As much I as I cannot stomach those books or movies, Taylor Lautner has done nothing to deserve that comparison.

The Mark
Kaitlyn is one of the recruits this year. Note to casting, don't have a few too many before selecting who will be on the show. She has been labeled the "Bella" to Jeremy's "Jacob". There ain't no Bella there. As much as Kristen Stewart's acting blows and she has the personality of cardboard, the comparison is horrific. More Cruella than Bella, this piece of work has not only engaged gleefully in bullying with her cohort in slime, Aaryn, she has spouted such racist and homophobic comments that have made people's stomachs curl. She has already engaged in sexual activity with Jeremy, making her image irredeemable in many people's eyes. Jeremy, of course is using her, but I can't even muster a molecule of sympathy for her. Not one bit.

The Schmoe
David has the personality of car grease. Relying on his 'bod' and looks, he joined the "cool kids" racist banter. Since he, hopefully, will be the first evicted on Wednesday, I don't even want to spend the time to type about him. Should he leave, my hope is that his will be the first of the consecutive evictions of those in his alliance (minus Nick).

Jerkey Girl
GinaMarie was not one of my early faves but she did have some fans. That's dwindling. Although she has been conscious of using the word "retard" in the house, asking everyone to call her out when she uses it, she should have the same sensitivity towards the racial stereotyping and slurs that come out of her non-stop mouth. Those who compared her to Jo Jo Spatafora better be apologizing to Jo Jo, and double time.

The jury is out on these two:

Amanda's mouth never stops, (Yes, I predicted it.) and it has nothing good to say about anyone. Spencer, has spewed racist, homophobic and sexist statements all in "good fun". We shall see. I doubt either of them will change my mind.

When we found out that the cast will contain all newbies, we were ecstatic. The pre-seaon ire was aimed at Elissa Slater simply because she's Rachel Reily's sister. That's died down pretty fast. Elissa only infinitesimally resembles Rachel in personality, but even if she were the spitting image of Rachel, and even Rachel herself, would be a welcome relief.

Casting jumped the shark this season, Why can't they just cast people who want and know how to play the game and stop casting based on looks and roles they want them to play? It's beyond ridiculous that they won't, can't or are too inept to see that their formula does not work. IT DOES NOT WORK!

My only hope is that the real people, the ones who may not be perfect but are worthy of fans, McCrae, Helen, Nick, Howard,  Andy and Elissa (yes Elissa) make it far into the game, thereby cleansing the house of the poltergeist that are haunting it.

As to the nature of this blog. Needless to say, I won't be blogging as I did before. Expect to see one every Monday with others in the week should something happen in the house that restores my faith in this game.

Stay tuned.