Monday, July 22, 2013

Who's getting schooled?

Three evictions down. It seems like this season has already been going for 6 weeks. It was game one right from the start. So who's playing the best and worst games thus far? It seems to change from week to week, day to day, hour to hour; but here are their grades this week.

J.U. Double DEE is at the head of the class this week. His nominations did not stir the pot with the house; he's managed to make some side-alliances; and he's still well-liked. No one has even mentioned his name as a target yet, unlike Helen who managed to put a target on her back after her ridiculous run as the Love HoH. A+

Pop Up Andy. I swear he's a quadruplet. He's in one room. I switch cams, and he's already there. He's managed to get everyone's trust and secrets, yet there's no target on his back yet. Why? Because he's managed to reassure everyone that he's on their side and he's a self-proclaimed failure at all competitions. I don't know how long he's going to pull that off,; but he's doing a great job thus far. A

Jessie. She's managed to stay off the radar and has not involved herself in the embarrassing girl drama this week. She is very observant and has picked up on some of the moves others have been trying to make. She is also someone in whom a lot of people confide without putting herself on anyone's radar. I don't know who is actually allied with her, but she hasn't even been mentioned as a threat. A-

Howard. Despite being the target of Amanda's obsessive need to be put on the block, and despite being in a pretty sticky position last week, Howard seems to have gained some ground with various factions of the house; but he's still seen as a huge threat. Maybe Amanda did him a huge favor by manically insisting that he be backdoored, making her seem less trustworthy. B +

Kaitlyn. If she survives this week, she has a good chance of making it far in the game. She is indisputably a challenge beast, has managed to disassociate herself from Aaryn; and has kept a pretty level head despite Jeremy being evicted on Thursday. (Unlike GM who went batshit cray cray when Nick was evicted.) Although a few have approached her for alliances, I'm not sure how solid they are, or how long they'll last. B

Elissa. Nominated for the third time in four weeks, she managed to get herself off the block; she's tried to stay away, as much as she can, from the girl drama, despite being constantly dragged in; and has a pretty clear assessment of what others, like Amanda, are trying to do. She's solid with Helen and Candice, and through the latter with Howie, though I doubt that understanding will last long. I would love if she would team up with Kaitlyn who has vocally been against her. Secret alliances are my faves, but it hasn't happened so this does not figure into my assessment. B-

Spencer. He's also survived being one of the two biggest backdoor targets last week, mapping a steady route to safety by solidifying ties with Judd. His allegiance to Howard, his friendship with Jessie and his easy-going attitude with GM are helping him gain a stronger footing in the house. C+

Helen. The curfew punishment is the best thing that could have happened to her. It's saved her from her runningmouthitis that put a target on her back last week. Despite that, she still doesn't have a clear understanding that not everyone can be trusted, especially, Andy who has no problem blabbing her secrets to his other alliance: McCranda. She's lucky there are bigger threats in the house, but she is not safe by any means. I had high hopes for you Helen... C

Candice. She's loyal, intuitive, unafraid to speak her mind and smart. She is the bridge between the Howard/Spencer and the Elissa/Helen factions; but I'm not sure how high on the totem pole she is with any of those people. The very fact that she speaks her mind has and will have gotten her into hot water, but her fierce loyalty might be an asset that will serve her to last longer in the game. C-

McCrae. I don't even know what to say about this dude. He managed to go from being part of the power to getting "engaged" to one of the biggest targets in the house. As soon as he shacked up with Amanda, he threw his game into the pyre of a showmance. He lost his voice, his will, his family jewels, it seems. Hopefully, he'll get his head back in the game if/when Amanda is evicted, but I'm not sure about him. Another one who dashed my preseason hopes into the conjugal hot mess he's in... D+

Amanda. Yeah, she needs to be gagged. Her non-stop mouth, her pushy insistence on running other people's games, her being at the epicenter of most drama have made a lot of her former allies distrust her. It's unfortunate because she's a savvy player; but she overreached way too fast. She's as subtle as a two by four between the eyes. If she had been more understated in her machinations, she would have been a front-runner in this game. I knew from her preseason interviews that her mouth would get her in trouble; and unfortunately, that is quickly becoming the case. D

GinaMarie. She's made too many unfortunate mistakes in this game. She's all mouth and drama, but that could work in her favor. The others might take her along as a safe bet in the F2 chairs. She's made an alliance with Judd, Howard and Spencer but it's unlikely that this alliance is a real one, at least with her in it. D-

Aaryn. This girl has dug her BB grave with her mouth. However, she's not a huge threat in the game. That being said, it seems people want her evicted, both in and out of the house. Should she make it this week (I would personally evict Kaitlyn this week but I'm not playing), she will be the easy target. And one thing's for sure, the other house guests do not want her in jury. F

That's it for this week's grades.

Stay tuned.

Update: Two days later, and my ratings are in the toilet...