Monday, June 24, 2013

So, it has begun

Two more days until the Premiere airs. Two more days of speculation about who is what and what they will do. The hard core fans are like bookies at the biggest race of the summer: laying down bets, deconstructing the breed and lineage of each house guest, haggling over who has the best chances. And the horses, I mean, the house guests aren't even out of the gate.

A slew of investigators have trolled the Internet to find pictures, videos, blogs, manifestos, resumes, tweets, profiles, recipes, pins, tumbls, flcks, whatever, swarming through every bit of information to toss the kerosene into the obsessive drama that inevitably accompanies every season of Big Brother. Family, friends, neighbours, frenemies, haters, grocers, where the HGs get their avocados or tequila, have flooded the social media for their 15 minutes of fame, either promoting or trying to tear down the HGs.

And what makes it worse? This whole MVP twist which, like many previous twists, will serve to further production's agenda. People are frantically voting, tweeting their favorites, bashing the ones who are threatening their favorite, debating, arguing, scoffing, whipping themselves up into a frenzy. And why? Do we even know what this twist is? What the hell are we voting for? Production and CBS know exactly what buttons to push. They know BB fans are starved worse than those on a fad diet or imprisoned in the cargo of a pirate ship. We will DO ANYTHING for BB!

I'm excited for another season. I'm super stoked that it's all newbies! I start the season like any other with hope that there will be some crazy power struggles, big game moves, fierce competitions, fight-to-the-death Endurance comps and alliances worth rooting for. Yet, my excitement is not as it has been in other years. Why? Because of politics, ego, greed and did I mention bullshit politics? I am forbidden from buying the feeds because I live an invisible line away from the power seat of CBS.

It will make blogging the feeds, um challenging. I will have to rely on the awesome sites mentioned in the right side bar which I will update ASAP.

Until then,

Stay Tuned! :)

p.s. Go Arkansaw :-p Jim