Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Grodner, This is Your Fuctercluck

Yesterday, was a fustercluck in the Big Brother house. Why? Because the people cast on this season are dumber than the rubber ducks populating Studio City. I take back all my ratings from the other day.

So let's see, Helen two days ago pulled Elissa and Candice in the Storage room, dead set on getting Amanda out of the house because she manipulates every situation and every HoH. Finally, clarity. But no, somehow she got it back in her head, after some Amanda brainwashing, that Howard is a threat and needs to go. Why does Amanda hate Howard and Candice so much? Because they see right through her shenanigans. So she convinced Helen to leap on board the Kaitlyn eviction train, trying to drag Elissa with her.

What happened to the promises Helen and Andy made to the sobbing Candice after Aaryn flipped her bed and mocked her? It seems only Elissa remembers this incident. Granted, Kaitlyn is a bigger threat in the game (for Amanda), but what happened to Helen's reassurance that Kaitlyn would be "safe"? Oh, that's right! Helen lied. I guess it's okay for her to lie but she will put Howard in permanent time out for lying to protect his now defunct alliance.

Meanwhile, Judd, Amanda and McCrae went on a rampage going through Howard's possessions looking for a secret power. I would laugh hysterically if I wasn't so disgusted in their pathetic state. I lost all respect for Judd after this and his tirade against Elissa and Candice calling one "bitch" and the other 'slut". Yup, Candice is the one who used his HoH room to do a strip show and his HoH bed to fornicate. *eyeroll*  I'm not even going to get into the grossmance between Amanda the Dominatrix and McSockPuppet. But it gets worse.

Elissa pulled Kaitlyn aside, trying to give her a heads up that the house is about to vote her out because they've heard about her alliance with Howard and Spencer. What did the idiot, Kaitlyn, do? She went straight to Andy -Yup, Pop Up Tattletale Andy- to tell him her hysterical version of what transpired. What did he do? He scampered to HoH to tell the Mistress of the house, the permanent HoH who has taken over the room/house, having even donned the HoH robe.

As if that's not stupid enough, Kaitlyn proceeded to tell Aaryn her version of what transpired between her and Elissa. Yes, the person who is on the block with her. It didn't stop there, folks, Kailtyn went throughout the house telling everyone, while Aaryn scuttled to Helen to tell her her version of Kaitlyn's version of the discussion with Elissa.

Helen then scurried to find Elissa to "rein her in" and make her tow Amanda's line, only to be rebuffed by Elissa who was talking to GinaMarie and Judd at the time. Eventually, everyone in the house wound up in that bedroom, except Amanda, McCrae and Candice, who slept through it all. This didn't stop the morons from blaming the latter for everything. Aaryn and Kaitlyn did their best to rattle Elissa who calmly told Aaryn that she had nothing to say to her and got Kailtyn to cough up the true version of events. It ended in a stalemate with not even a real smackdown.

Helen then scampered to HoH to tell her Mistress the embellished and untrue version of the version of the version of events, entering the room with "Elissa has got to go." This woman runs campaigns?

Yes, Elissa has got to go because she won't be bullied into going along with Amanda's agenda like all the other good sock puppets are doing. Yes, Howard, Candice and Spencer have got to go because they aren't intimidated by Amanda.

Yes, Kaitlyn will go this week, finally finding out what a huge idiot she is by exposing the one person in the house who was trying to save her ass.

Yes, Aaryn will stay and probably make it to final 2 because there is no integrity, no loyalty, no common sense in that house.

And yes, I blame Grodner and her stupid production company for the worst casting ever. Between the clueless recruits, the people chosen solely to fill stereotypical roles and throwing in only one relative of a vet who is one of the most polarizing people to enter the BB house, she has turned this season is one big hot mess of stupid.

Everyone has been busy complaining about the unfair advantage Elissa has. An advantage that not only has put a huge target on Elissa's back but one that was taken away from her this week and placed in the hands of the public. The public responded in droves against the very person these nut bars are trying to save this week. Did Gronder tell them or us the results? No. Causing a huge uproar in and out of the house. Epic fail yet again.

This season will go up in a blaze of disgraceful lack of game play. Fans have lost any sense of who to root for or what the hell is going on even. Those who seemed to be heroes in the house have turned into nasty dictators or wimpy morons. Everyone has been complaining that the show is being rigged for Elissa, when Amanda is getting the hero's edit. Allegations that there's a connection between Grodner and Zuckerman have already spread, making Amanda the favorite to win this season. And she will win, not because Grodner needs to rig it, but simply because the house has been filled with buffoons who can't keep a thought or an alliance longer than 10 minutes to save their lives. Good job, Grodner!

Does anyone have a fly swatter? I want to crush that fly on the wall.

Stay tuned!