Friday, July 12, 2013

The Valiant and the Vile

So yeah. WOW! What a night last night!

During the show, watching the blindside

and Helen win the HoH, after a nail-biting competition, many felt like this:

It was a relief from last week, to have a sane and likable person in power in the BB house.

It didn't last long.

It started with what was to become a seven HOUR jag of torrential mourning and crying fits because GinaMarie lost her BB boyfriend to the game.

No matter what the topic of discussion was, Gina Marie's meltdown progressed to unimaginable magnitude.

We started to look like this:

Kaitlyn, Aaryn and Gina Marie, pissed that the power and their plot to vanquish Elissa did not pay off, went on a tirade including bullying Jessie, taking over her bed, making her feel uncomfortable, flipping Candice's bed and refusing to see sense when sense was smacking them in the face. Jeremy, though he would profess to anyone who would listen, out of his harpies' ear shot that he was not getting involved in the "cat fight", chose to plant himself on Jessie's bed even though she told him she was feeling uncomfortable.

This escalated when Aaryn, being her usual compassionate self, mocked Candice when the latter confronted her about the filpped bed,  with "What you gon' do girl. What you gon' do girl?"

And Gina Marie getting in Candice's face saying "you want to bring the black out?"

Howard, knowing that Candice was about to go somewhere beyond return, grabbed her and physically removed her from the situation,

While the widow took a break from her self-pity, to back-up her buddy Aaryn.

By the way, this all happened just after the HoH reveal which we couldn't even enjoy because of this outrageous situation.

Howard tried to calm Candice down. He explained that if he were to act, he would not be able to rein himself in, getting himself in trouble in a house where racism is rampant and production remains silent. "They must want this to happen or else they would stop it"

Candice kept repeating, "I don't want to give up the bed." That bed represented to Candice everything that she and many have struggled with; backing down to the oppressor, giving up her rights, letting them win. She broke down and many of us did with her,

When Elissa, Helen and the others got wind, they took her into the HoH to calm and soothe her. And Howard quietly broke down in prayer for strength, as BB repeatedly called him to DR.

And this is how I felt.

And this:

Calmer heads prevailed as the others rushed to comfort Candice, Jessie and Howard who bore the brunt of the horrid alliance of bullies, thugs, racists and creeps.

Meanwhile, Gina Marie continued her wake, even getting comfort from Howard and Candice throughout the night.

Ironic, no?

What's more ironic is that Howard and Candice chose to sleep on the floor in the Have Not room. Because, yes, they gave up the bed.

There are no words to describe the absolutely heartbreaking horror of witnessing these events transpire in the house. Production will not interfere. That's a given. The house guests are there to deal with the situation themselves. This season more than ever, it has truly become a battle between the good and evil as is manifested in society. All we can do is speak out against racism, homophobia, sexism and all the other injustices. And root for them to overcome this nightmare.

And in a night of unspeakable human horror, two champions have risen to the challenge, to defend those being targeted.

"What game are you playing? Cause we're playing Big Brother."
 Amanda told it like it is, yet again, to Aaryn et al, not backing down. Aaryn, unfortunately, is incapable at this moment, if ever, of acknowledging her misdeeds, not even seeing them as such.

They were two girls acting like animals not human beings."
Judd came to Jessie's rescue multiple times against the harpies that continued to attack her throughout the night.

And finally these two:

Who did not allow this situation to get the better of them and rose above the ugliness. Even though they had to sleep on the floor.

Stay tuned.