Monday, July 8, 2013

What Show IS This?

I'm still confused. I could have sworn I set my DVR to record Big Brother, not Bachelor Pad. But someone forgot to tell some of the cast. Kaitlyn, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Jessie and. to some extent, Amanda seem to be under the impression that they are in the house to hook up.  No wonder ABC didn't run the show this season, Allison Grodner et al stole their cast.

"Don't look at MY man!"
"She was mean mugging me!"
"Who does she think she is? She thinks all the guys like her. but they like me!"
"I'm the prettiest here!"
"She's so this, that and the other thing (fill it in with whatever derogatory remark you want)."
"She's hogging too much of his time!"

What the f*ck? The meltdowns, the cat fights, the full on make out sessions, the soft porn, the jealousy, the whining, the possessive obsessions and stalking, the absolute cluelessness about how to even play the game convince me most of these chicks don't even know where they are.

Of course, this plays into the hands of the men who are using these women to further their game and take them closer to the final 2 chairs. They play into their insecurities and confuse them so much that they won't even see what hit them as they exit the game, one by one. Meanwhile the women who seem to have actual working brains: Helen, Candice, Elissa and Amanda (she has what it takes to play the game but is blinded by her connection to McCrae) are going to be taken down by the Moving Company first because they refuse to "accept their place".

I have given up on the idea of a girl alliance in this game because the women who have been cast recently, are not cast to win but to look good. In the preseason, all people could talk about was how hot or pretty these women are. What difference does it make if they look good but make our ears bleed?

Helen and Candice have figured out the Moving Company but refuse to allow themselves to take it to the next level, pull Amanda and Elissa in and form an actual alliance. Amanda is extremely savvy but her connection to McCrae isn't going to do her game any favors. Helen, despite her doubts, tells Spencer everything. Candice can't keep her mouth shut.

Many people have been irate because Elissa has "not played a good game" but I respectfully disagree. She's been target number one from day one, on the block both weeks, a Have Not both weeks, the object of derision, marginalization and derision both weeks. She managed to use the MVP advantage last week to save herself, but if she puts Nick up today, it will spell the end of her game.

Elissa has a better chance of staying if she puts up Kaitlyn who, despite the fact she is Jeremy's mate in the game, literally, does not have a lot of fans in the house. Even her alliance members, Aaryn and GinaMarie, have turned on her out of jealousy for her connection to the most obnoxious HG to enter the house.

I doubt Elissa's attempt to put doubt in people's minds about Nick being related to Dan Gheesling will work. The Moving Company (Nick, Spencer, Howard, Jeremy and McCrae) will make sure the women puppets vote with them and evict Elissa.

Once Elissa is evicted, no matter how smartly or well Helen, Candice and Amanda play, they will not be long in the game. The MC will target them next and keep the Bachelor Pad rejects in and distracted with their insecure need to get validation from men.

Le sigh.

Stay tuned!