Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Crossing the Line

When someone signs on to be a part of the show that is accessed, "uncensored" via live feeds, that person steps in the public eye. When a production company is paid to run said show, it too shares the spotlight.

Big Brother has been a polarizing show that has caused public outcry almost every single season, multiple times. Often, that's based on personal pets peeves of the cast's personalities or their moves in the game affecting certain fan faves but sometimes, it goes beyond that. 

The latest backlash is centered around one the BB15's cast: Aaryn Gries who is one, but by far not the only, cast member to spew racist and homophobic comments in the house, as witnessed on the live feeds. She has been fired from her modelling agency based on those comments and the public outcry that has ensured. If you want to read the story it's here.

Some have compared this to the hate mail, threats and attempts to destroy Shelly Moore because she turned against the fan faves Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Llyod in BB13. This is nowhere near the same thing. Shelly made a game move which she thought would assist her in winning the game. The psychotic behaviour that affected her and her family was nothing but criminal and must never be aimed at anyone for whatever reason.

The same happened to Dan Gheesling in BB10 and BB13 with people threatening to call the school that employed him as a coach because of moves he made for game purpose, only.

Last year, Danielle Murphree became to the crazed focus of some fans' ire causing them to post her nursing and education records, threatening to call her employers because they didn't like her lies and personality. That is an immoral response perpetrated by individuals who clearly need therapy and a ban from the live feeds.

This has nothing in common with what is happening to Aaryn. There is not public company in the world who would want her as a spokesperson. Maybe she should have thought of that before she sprayed her bigotry and hatred all over the feeds. Her words as well as the network's (CBS) and production's refusal to deal with this is in a speedy and satisfying manner has brought on such a backlash as to possibly threaten the future of this show. And, frankly, as long as Allison Grodner et al produce this show, nothing will change.

This public outcry is warranted because, by not addressing this issue, CBS and the producers seem to condone it. Censoring Big Brother after Dark (BBAD) or manipulating the feeds is not the proper response. Aaryn, Kaitlyn, GinaMarie, David, Jeremy, Amanda and Spencer have all shown themselves to represent a part of the population that is still stuck in the past when those comments were not only tolerated, but encouraged.

People have fought, were tortured and died in this part and many other parts of the world to have the right to be viewed as human beings, regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation, religion, politics, and gender.  Many others will continue to do so in countries where oppression still has a vice grip.

It is irresponsible, immoral and criminal to condone this behaviour. Turning a blind eye, trying to silence those who would speak against it, editing it out is condoning this behaviour.

Aaryn being fired is just the beginning. CBS will soon feel it in its coffers. As all facets of the mainstream media pick it up, if they do not address this satisfactorily, they will find the  lowered ratings for BB plummet even more; and their advertising partners will start to pull out. As they should.

This could all have been avoided had the casting process and the show's credo had not been directed by such ineptitude and shortsightedness. Fly on the Wall Entertainment has stopped entertaining us a long time ago. This show is supposed to be about strategy and human behaviour. REAL human behaviour. If this production company continues to force this "reality" show to follow their script, they should be fired so they can produce soap operas. Though, they too would probably suck.

Be careful CBS, you don't want to be seen doing to civil rights what Jeremy did to Elissa's hat last night:

A true asshat he is.
And it continues. GinaMarie has been fired as pageant director.Another one bites the dust of her words
Stay tuned.