Saturday, March 28, 2015

BBCan3: The Curse of the Girls Alliance

Time to stock up on pain meds, blood pressure pills and anti-annoyance serum. Let the bloodshed begin; and I'm coming into it, purposely, blind. I have read nothing about this season's HGs or the twists or any teasers. Big Brother fans all have opinions and are not afraid to voice them. I'm not different.

I like the steam punk look and find the fact that the house guests have to work for everything quite hilariously awesome. Big Brother Canada is not afraid to push the boundaries, though I do wish they would not use the Have Not idea. The secret power in the HN room though is quite intriguing. 

Speaking of powers, the viewers got to vote out one of the two (idiotic) nominations which were both women. Um. The voting was SECRET and the majority voted based on how annoying someone was? Full-on disappointment. Anyway, when Cindy with an Ess took herself off the block (pretty impressively and ultimately fatally because ti put a bigger target on her back), she nominated Pilar because the latter did not speak to her. Seriously, a box of coconuts have better game. 

Anyway, Canada evicted the boobs but being the caring Canadian, Arisa made sure that Risha knew it was a close tie and she has fans. I'm not one of them. Any woman who identifies herself as a cougar sex pot, is not the kind of woman I want representing me. Anyway.  They immediately went to an Endurance HoH competition which Bobby won and nominated Brittnee and Kevin who won PoV.

So Cindy with an Ess made a move for an All-girls' alliance. Sarah rushed like a jellyfish to tell Bobby who of course decided to nominate Sindy in Kevin's place. giving her a heads-up before he does so. I guess Canada doesn't have the rule that the HoH can't tell the nominees before-hand. Anyway to justify the fact that this muscle-head is worried about the 80 pound girl gunning for him, he tells her talk of forming an all-girls alliance, forced them to form a guys alliance. Yes, cause those never happen spontaneously... Now the two girls I most wanted to go far are both on the block.

I hate Big Brother.

Stay tuned!