Sunday, June 14, 2015

BB17: Let the Madness Begin

There are 10 days until the premiere of another summer of maddening preoccupation: Big Brother. The first frustration has already begun, one that's existed since CBS took over the feeds. But this year it's worse. There is little chance I will be able to watch the feeds since CBS has packaged it as all access. Anyone outside the US is stuck with zero access at the moment.

They might be doing me a favor. 95% of the frustration, anger and aggravation comes from watching the shenanigans on the feeds, then comparing it to the pristine CBS version. That won't stop me from having opinions. I mean come on! I didn't have a personality adjustment *wink*

There have been a lot of rumours scuttling around but I don't deal with rumors. Until they actually release the identities of the HGs, there is no way to know if it will be all newbies, returnees or a combination of both. There is one guarantee though, if they follow their 16 year casting formula, there is 100% chance of fan rage throughout this season.

The casting formula has become as predictable as their so called twists. I'll attempt to populate the house now.

The Alpha Male: The good ole boy. The testosterone laden man who will more than likely attempt to form a boy alliance that will crush any girl alliance with a swift outrage of entitlement. He/they will attempt to use the bobble-headed girls (see below). Their fan base is predominantly other males and females who forget what they're watching.

The Bobblehead Girl Next Door: She will allow herself to be the Alpha's tool to get to the end. Any attempt from others to ally or help will be met with... well a blank stare. They make it to the end more often than not but have won this game only once. They will be a great source of frustration for fans which often generates scorn. They might be likable and have fans but if she or they allow themselves to be used in the game, it won't last for long.

The Superfan Nerd: We get them every year and put a lot of faith in their ability to use their brains to outwit the above two but it's not always a rewarding endeavor for the fan. Not all of them are Ian Terry (BB12). Some of them are Jordan Parhar (BBCA3) or Ronnie Talbot (BB11.) They will be a big source of aggravation because of our high hopes.

The Puppet Master: He(usually)/She(rarely) will put the others under their spell and work their way through the house. This person will hopefully be entertaining not a pill that kills all excitement for fans *coughDerrickcough*. Of course, their endgame is to win but our endgame is to be supercharged with drama!

Speaking of drama...

The Hot Mess: She (usually)/He(occasionally) will drive the other HGs and sometimes the fans crazy but will probably be the biggest source of entertainment for the fans. I mean who doesn't love a good meltdown, house meeting, tears, suspicion, yelling etc? If you say you don't you're lying. From Vegas cocktail waitresses to media moguls, we love to hate them or just flat out hate them. They serve their purpose. Ratings.

The Parent: This isn't really a category in of itself because the parent can be any of the above but 98% will use the fact that they procreated to blackmail and guilt trip the others, either effectively or not. He/she might use their parental status to lull the others into trusting them or they might annoy the hell out of everyone (certainly many fans) resulting in them being targets...

Anyway, these are my predictions. Nothing would make me happier to be wrong but I doubt it. The fans are excited now, but it will only take a couple of weeks for the revamped aggravation to set in: with the HGs, with the twists, with CBS interference, with the TV edit and with each other.

Let the fun begin!!!

Stay tuned ;-)