Thursday, June 19, 2014

Big Brother 16 - ALL NEWBIES

Welcome back BB Addicts! It's nice to "see" you again!

After much anticipation, speculation, rumours, twitter wars and spoiler mayhem, the BB16 cast has been officially announced and I for one am thrilled it's all newbies! No offense to the BB alum, a lot of whom I would love to see in a few years time, but I'm happy it's going back to basics as much as BB casting can.

Sure, it's a TV show whose "reality" needs to amp up its curb appeal with good looking mactors, tempered by a couple of geeks and odd peeps. They are predominantly in their 20's with a couple of older house guests to "even" things out. I'm going to dive into their interviews, see what I think.

Amber Borzotra - 26
She's a model/esthetician whose agent probably told her to apply and she got in immediately. She sure is stunning. She's watched the show but says she didn't know too much about it until recently, meaning after she was cast. She wants to keep things positive and is looking forward to the competitions. She wants to ally with women. Let's see how that works out.

Brittany Martinez -29
She's an event planner and a single mother of three. She's another recruit who knew nothing about Big Brother until she was cast. Geez, really?! She plans on being herself, have fun, read people and yeah. She's not planning on holding back on competitions and flirting herself into an alliance with a "strong man player" while getting rid of people who make her life miserable. She has a mellow demeanor but we'll see how mellow she'll stay up in the hizzie. She hopes people will root for her because she's a single mother. Ask BB9 Sheila Kennedy how well that worked for her.

Caleb Reynolds - 26
He's an adventure hunting guide and ex-military. He auditioned for Amazing Race with a friend of his but was contacted by Big Brother which means he too was technically recruited. Before this he would watch BB if it was on which means hardly ever. He's a competitor and probably an early target for an alliance with bros. He will need to insulate himself with an alliance because the others will most likely gun for him whether he plans on "laying back" or not. We'll see where all the hunting aggression will come in.

Christine Brecht - 23
She's a barista and a self-proclaimed bubbly eccentric. The question remains will she be an engaging eccentric or an annoying one? She submitted a video and auditioned during an open casting. She's a BB fan who's seen every season and is looking forward to Endurance. ME TOO!! We have our first geek! She's planning on creating a secret 2 alliance and a bigger alliance. Cool it Christine! Don't overplay!... Too late. She wants to win the first HoH. Girl. Make a coffee and chill.

Cody Calafiore - 23
He is a sales executive and another recruit. Are we seeing a pattern here folks? At least he's been watching BB since season 11. He's another one who's looking forward to the competitions. I must say this is promising for the fans. At least we'll be witnessing some hardcore competitions. He wants to ally with someone he doesn't have to talk to every day. He isn't planning on going full hog in the beginning which is a good strategy.

Derrick Levasseur - 30
He's a married police officer with a 17 month old daughter. He's been watching BB for a few years and auditioned this year for the first time. He seems level-headed and is planning on using his job skills to suss the situation in the house. He wants to have one ally he can trust and blend in while operating behind the scenes and using manipulation. He should have gotten some tips from Tony Vlachos. Who knows? Maybe he did.

Donny Thompson - 40 
Psst. Kenny Brain called and he wants his beard back... He's a school grounds keeper who's watched every season of BB. His girlfriend encouraged him to audition. He wants to work his social game but try to win competitions. His plan for alliances is to wait for someone to come to him. He doesn't want to be perceived as someone trying to make deals with everyone. That's a good strategy unless no one comes to him and he's the first out. Unlike everyone else, he would go for a big threat should he win HoH.

Devin Shepherd - 26
A former pro baseball player, he is a motorcycle salesperson and single father of a 2 year old daughter. (Let's see how much criticism he'll receive for leaving a baby behind like his female counterparts have in the past and probably current seasons.)  A potential showmance with Brittany? Anyway. He has a big personality. That could be good. That could be bad. He auditioned for Amazing Race, never heard back but was recruited to play BB as a result. He says he's a huge fan and "happy to participate because it's America's game." He's planning on playing an honest and moral game. I hope it works out for Devin. Good luck with that. It didn't work well for Howard Overby; but then again, the latter was in a house with some champion crazy.

Frankie Grande - 31
He's a YouTube personality, if the hair didn't clue you in and Ariana Grande's half-brother. He's a "huge fan" of Survivor and Big Brother, having applied to the former. Then "he was given the idea to apply to BB". So a recruit. He's excited to be in the house, but is planning on bringing all his personality in the DR not in the house. Famous last words. Sounds like he's planning on being the "whisperer" behind the scenes, if he's not recognized. He wants to make an obvious alliance with a girl but a true secret alliance with a "jock" whom he'll use as a mule. He has big plans, solid ones. If he follows through, his chances are pretty good.

Hayden Voss (that rhymes with Moss) -21
He's a pedicab driver who reminds me of a cross between Casey Turner (Banana Man) and Frank Eudy. Yes, I know. Weird combo. He's yet another recruit and yeah, Kassting needs to fulfill the list of cast stereotypes that usually backfire in their faces. He's been doing his research on BB meaning he didn't watch before. He's looking forward to competitions and will go for it. He seems like a happy-go-lucky guy who will play honestly as long as he can (5 minutes) and then get cutthroat. He hopes that someone comes to him for an alliance or ally with other friendly people.

Jocasta Odom - 33
She's a minister and mother of 2 little boys. She submitted a video to BB for the first time this year. She's a big fan who's been watching the show for years. Let's pray that she doesn't go in there heavenly guns blazing, because that does not go over well with the housemates or most of the fans. She wants to form a woman's alliance knowing that they can be catty but she wants to overcome this. Preach!

Joey Van Pelt - 27
Hello blue hair. Will you be getting along with pink hair? She's a make-up artist who was recruited and has zero experience with reality TV or BB. She doesn't even have a TV. WTF? Okay. I guess they don't have enough auditions... She too wants an all-ladies alliance because she gets along well with women. As a fan of irony, what are the chances that she, Amber and Jocasta will butt heads immediately?

Nicole Franzel - 21
She's a recent nursing graduate who describes herself as flirty and nerdy. As a self-proclaimed superfan of BB, she auditioned. She too wants to have a secret alliance with a strong male (hmm, who could that be?) and be a part of a larger alliance. She's planning on winning as many competitions as she can. She better have an alliance or she will be out the door.

Paola Shae - 27
She a DJ whose strategy is not to be herself too much "haha". Well that doesn't bode well... She claims she's very special and one of a kind. Okay, now I get it. She's another recruit who sort of watches the show, but is on it to further her career. She gets my vote for the most obnoxious at first impression. She'll no doubt butt heads with others. She will go after the ones she considers most annoying. Can she nominate herself? She's another one who wants an all-girl alliance which probably means that alliance is doomed.

Victoria Rafaeli - 22
She's a photographer and a huge BB fan who's been recruited. She's another fan of the competitions. I expect LONG endurance competitions, people! You best not disappoint! She plans on being both a manipulator and a "coaster" by making an unlikely alliance. She talks the talk, will she walk the walk? That remains to be seen. If she follows through, she might go far as well.

Zach Rance - 23
He's a recent Economics graduate who went to a casting call without being a huge BB fan. He says he's not looking forward to anything in the house except bringing home the money. Can the first evicted do that? He's making me want to pre-evict him just from the interview. When he says that he will make every person in the house feel like he/she is his best friend, I cringe. He reminds me of Andy Herren which is not a good thing. And as I read his bio, that's who he admires. Someone has to.

Okay so let's recap. According to the interviews, there will be a massive girls' alliance. The competitions will either be to the death because they all say they're competitors or very quick because everyone will throw them. There are a lot of "personalities" so may the best one win. Whoever is perceived as a "jock" will have it made because a lot want to be in a secret alliance with him. It will only be a matter of time that all those secret alliances implode. The rest is routine. A showmance. A couple of bromances. The cattiness will doom some alliances. The Alpha maleness will overcome the chill tudes that they are sporting in their interviews.

I say bring it on! It cannot be worse than BB15. Although I am fond of Helen, Howard, Candice, Jessie and Elisa, the rest of that cast made me never want to watch BB again, let alone get the feeds and blog. But this cast promises a fresh start. I probably won't like all of them (Who am I kidding? I won't) but it feels like I can handle this cast. Of course, talk to me when the show and feeds start.

What am I saying? I'll be blogging. Like I wouldn't. lol

Stay tuned! :)

p.s. I don't CARE that Frankie Grande is Ariana Grande's brother. I'll judge him on his time/game play in the house not who he's related to.

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