Sunday, June 29, 2014

BB16: Has it only been a week?

Dayum! Every year BB starts before the school year ends for me and I've been able to take it in my stride. Not this year. I feel like I've missed a month. Two HoH competitions and one PoV down, four have been nominated, two saved, a PoV used and a replacement is already sitting on the block. Geez! Not to mention the 300 twists this season most of which are bound to bomb (pardon the pun).

Let's start with the whole Battle of the Block concept. After much speculation, it turned out to be more twisted than imagined. The nominees go into head to head competition, with the winning duo being saved and the HoH who nominated them being dethroned. It's a twist that can be very useful to smart players. A strong alliance can ensure power if two members win HoH, nominating 2 people who they want out and 2 strong players from their alliance, to hide it and ensure they win the battle. It requires cunning, trust and a strong alliance. Are there any alliances up to the task? We'll soon find out.

The other "big" twist which will no doubt fizzle this week like the Saboteur and MVP twists did in recent season, is Team America (aka Team Production). The first person "voted in" was Joey. Really? Are we to believe that of all the BB16 HGs, Joey got the most votes? Over "Go Grande or Go Home"? Either Ariana fell asleep at the Twitter wheel or her fans were busy with junior prom. Anyway. Joey is the replacement nominee and slated at this point to go home. Sending Team America back to square one.

So how do the HGs stand after the first round of competitions and a week in the house?

At the top of the heap and this week's MVPs are Frankie and Zach or Zankie as they are now known. Who would have thought these two would form an F2 alliance and puppet master the current HoH (Caleb)? They both have excellent social games, are strategic thinkers and are controlling one of their alliances (Bomb Squad) while reaching out to the loose ends to bring them into several side alliances. Zach masterminded Joey's demise but I can't give him too much credit. It wasn't that hard to do. They are liked by everyone in the house and share the top ranking this week, going into the coming weeks. I look forward to see how they will manipulate the game in the future.

Second spot is shared by Derrick, Cody and Christine who are also members of the Bomb Squad but who also have their side alliances and are building relationships with others outside the alliance. Derrick and Christine are very knowledgeable about the game, navigating the house and its occupants very carefully without standing out as threats. This strategy might prove a more powerful one in the days to come. Cody is likable and in the thick of things without appearing to be an aggressive player.

Hayden, Amber and Nicole are in third place. They have ties with several people and the Bomb Squad. While Amber is a member of that alliance, she seems to be in the outskirts, there mostly because of Caleb's creepy and delusional crush on her. Single white male much? Hayden and Nicole are also liked by most and, more importantly, underestimated.

In fourth place and smack in the middle stands Donny. He's an enigma wrapped in a riddle surrounded by facial fur. He managed not only to save himself with his superior spelling skills in the PoV, but he's fallen off the initial radar so far. Much like Ian Terry did in BB14. He knows the game and being the observant oddball might serve to keep him in the game longer since bigger threats are emerging.

Fifth place belongs to Caleb. He's HoH now but I'd like to see how he reacts when he's not in power. I would say not too well. He has ties with Zankie but he seems to be very disposable to them. He's the mule of the group. He'll do the heavy lifting but someone else will do the thinking. He might very well be one of the next to go unless he saves himself; it all depends on who gains power in the next couple of weeks.

Sixth place is reserved for Jocasta who has not stood out in any way yet. She no doubt will be a fodder nominee or a "pawn" in the next couple of weeks unless she wins something. She doesn't seem to be in any alliances but she's also not slated for an early boot by anyone. Time will tell. She is definitely more toned down than I expected her to be from her preseason interviews.

Just below her is Pao Pao who is on the block now but seems to be safe this week. The power group doesn't see her as a competition threat in any way, well, because she's been sucking at them. She's managed to lie low and tone down her DJ Jersey Shore routine that she came into the house with. Being on the block will do that to a person. It remains to be seen if she can continue to lay low in the coming weeks.

Next to last place is another shared one. Devin, Brittany(the spelling seems to determine how cool the owner is) and Victoria. Devin's insecurity, OCD cleanliness, whining and general twaddling are getting on people's nerves. He's part of the Bomb Squad but not all bombs are detonated successfully. Brittany has the tendency to get in people's faces; and we all know how well that's worked in the past. Victoria's high maintenance and demands are going to wear the nerves thin. Expect one if not all three of these to experience the block in the next few weeks unless things change.

Sitting in last place in the waiting lounge of eviction is Joey, Team American't. With Zach's machinations, Joey decided to implode last night by going to Caleb and telling him  she was voting Devin out (umm, he ain't on the block yet, gurl). This deteriorated into a series of small explosions that rippled throughout the house, ending in her nomination today. What do you expect from a recruit who has zero knowledge of the game, less common sense and a mouth that won't shut?

I won't be crying blue tears if she's evicted Thursday but it gives me a wicked sense of glee that this twist is going to suffer from blue balls.

Stay Tuned! :)