Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Shambles Brother

After 7 years and 8 seasons of being an avid Big Brother fan, I am throwing in the towel. This was the straw that broke this fan's back. I can't take it anymore. This shambles of a season with the most ridiculously clueless and largely unlikable cast has spelled the end for this blogger.

Between the horrific vileness coming out of the mouths of Aaryn, Jeremy, GinaMarie, Amanda and Spencer and the absolute blindness and inability to play the game displayed by most of the others has left this fan with no one to root for. Unlike others, I don't have a short-term memory when it comes to the ugly shenanigans of the twisted sisters who are ruling the roost right now. I could care less how many competitions they win or how manipulative their strategies are, if I cannot stomach them as human beings, then I do not want to witness their victory, I felt sick to my stomach when Evel Dickhead won in season 8 and when Adam Jackasski won in season 9. Season 15 will end just as disgustingly, it seems, with someone who is even worse than those two. Under her beauty, Aaryn is a mean, small-minded, cruel person. Amanda is even worse. GM is struggling to fit in, taking on the ugly when it's around her.

I guess I'm not a game purist. I guess I don't "love" the game as much as those who choose to root for two women who are absolutely vile. There have been arguments that Aaryn and Amanda are playing great games, but all that's relative. They've got the upper hand because everyone else in the house sucks fiercely at playing this game.

Aaryn won 4 HoHs, one with the cheating help of her partner Jeremy (there are pictures to prove their cheating), sure, but look who she's up against. McCrae is too terrified to win a comp and not throw it to the woman who has his balls hostage. Helen is too busy cheering everyone on and trying to turn them into Disney characters. Elissa goes dead blank in most comps because her sensibilities cannot survive a season like this. GM is too busy planning the dungeon in which she will enslave Nick. Andy's focus is playing the rat game, and though he's won a couple of competitions, he's no more than Amanda's puppet. Amanda is absolutely useless in competitions. Spencer is there. And really why would Amanda, McCrae, Andy or Spencer try to win comps when they have their clownie do their dirty work for them?

Winning competitions is only as good as it serves furthering the person's game not everyone else's. Who did Aaryn want to put up this week? Spencer and Elissa. Why? Because she hates Elissa and doesn't trust Spencer. It doesn't matter though because she put up Amanda's picks; Helen and Elissa. How anyone can say this chick is playing a good game boggles my mind. She's winning competitions up against a motley crew of losers. Great. But her game is not better than anyone else's in the house, with the exception of the Dragon Mistress, Amanda Zuckerman.

When Elissa won the PoV competition (I wonder how many people will say it was given to her) Aaryn had the golden opportunity to strike and take out someone who has been dictating the house since week 1. Had she done that, she would have indeed earned the title of a good gamer. She fell back on the cop-out excuse that Helen would not have the votes to stay, but would Spencer really vote to keep Amanda over Helen? Spencer who called Amanda out on her BS? No, she's just choosing to play it safe. A good competitor she might be, a good player she isn't. I'm not going to even get into the fact that yet another minority is leaving on her HoH, with the third one having left under her co-racist's reign. It might not be the reason she's targeted them, but it sure doesn't look good, does it?

Amanda's success is largely due to the fact that Helen is an absolute moron at this game. She was too busy trying to get them all to hold hands and sing kumbaya as Amanda got her to vote out all her own allies and the people she promised to protect: Kaitlyn, Candice and Jessie. Not to mention the countless times Helen threw her closest ally, Elissa,  under the bus. Now, where is she? Yup, on the block with maybe 2 votes. And she deserves to be there because any time anyone tried to get her to see the light, or call her out on her discrepancies, she would run away crying to the very people she shouldn't be trusting. You would think that after the 3rd time she went to Andy with the plan to vote out Amanda and he balked, she would realize that he wasn't on her side. Instead she acquiesced, only realizing how treacherous Andy is now when it's too late.

Andy has been able to sustain his rat status mostly because of Helen's blind loyalty to him. However, his game has blown up this week which will probably get him out before Spencer, GM or even Elissa. I won't be shedding any tears.

McCrae blew up his game as soon as Amanda blew him. Nuff said.

Elissa is the only person I like in the house but her social game is spotty because of the very reason I like her. She can't fake getting along with people she cannot stand which is most of the people left. She's won two PoVs but if it's a competition that requires concentration, she cannot sustain it. She's proven that she has a mind of her own but she's never had a strong alliance with people who would stick with her. After Helen leaves this week (it's inevitable), she won't have any allies. I doubt Aaryn or GM will stick with her to take out Amanda or McCrae.

GM and Spencer are not even worth my time typing about.

So yeah, someone might be coming back Thursday. The best chances of a power shift would be Helen coming back. Candice would be motivated to put a dent in the reigning regime but she's proven to be a very poor competitor. Judd will just target Elissa because he's far from the mastermind they've all made him out to be in the house. Jessie is a big question mark.

What's not a question mark is that I'm done. So I say my farewells!