Friday, June 22, 2012

Almost There!

It's almost that time again. Big Brother is set to premiere July 12th with the feeds going live after the show airs.

But first, what pre-drama is this? ABC's launch of their copy-cat show The Glass House, made CBS drag them to court for stealing their concept. CBS lost, and the first episode aired on June 18th.

Meh. Big Brother has nothing to worry about. The Glass House is just what it is. A poor copy. Yes, the house is swanky. Yes, they're trying to tempt the viewing public by giving them control by answering the house guests' lame questions and deciding which of the two house guests in "limbo" (read lame-boo) will be evicted. Yes, they have one obnoxious house guest who is already calling himself the ultimate reality villain. (Dude, self-appointed titles are beyond lame.) Yes, former Big Brother employee and game designer, Mike O'Sullivan is very much evident with the first "challenge" which was cool because the dude is talented.

But, no. They won't be luring Big Brother fans into the glass cage.

Let the real show begin!